X-Men Fans Mock Hugh Jackman’s New Logan Photo With Hilarious Tweets

The final movie starring Hugh Jackman as Wolverine is looking like it's going to be a pretty serious and somber affair. However, that doesn't mean that the internet can't have a laugh at its expense. Hugh Jackman recently shared an image from Logan showing his character running through the woods. We don't know where he's going or who he's running from. Jackman captions the image with "fight or flight" and we have no idea which one this is depicting.

Of course, since we're not sure exactly why Logan is running in the image, Twitter, being the insane mass of humanity that it is, came up with many of their own reasons. The replies to Hugh Jackman's original tweet are full of fantastic comments great images. There are, after all, lots of great running scenes in film, so when we Hugh Jackman running, it makes some think of other movie stars doing the same thing.

But why limit yourself to only one actor? Let's add in a different, significantly less serious adaptation of a comic book character, who has been superimposed onto a silent film. The more people running that we have, the better, right?

In more, Marvel vs DC news, one user on Twitter wants to start something between Logan and the fastest man alive. To be fair, since this is a still image, we can't really tell how fast Wolverine is running.

Few, however, actually attempt to answer the question posed in the tweet. Is this Logan running toward danger, or away from it? At least one guy on Twitter has an idea.

Fans are clearly having some with Hugh Jackman on Twitter. There are a number of responses that are a bit more serious, however. Most are legitimately excited for Logan to hit theaters in just a couple of months. Others are asking him to not hang up the claws as Wolverine quite yet, mostly because they still want that Wolverine/Deadpool crossover movie.

It seems more than likely that this will be the true end of the road for Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Maybe that's where he's running, to the end of the road.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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