Margot Robbie Is Doing Research For Gotham City Sirens In An Unexpected Place

If there's one definitively great thing that came out of Suicide Squad, it had to be Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn. The Australian actress portrayed the psychotic villainess so well that it almost became difficult to tell where Margot ended and Harley began. With that in mind, the character's popularity will soon see her take center stage in David Ayer's Gotham City Sirens (alongside many other prominent DC women), and a recent photo taken at LAX showed Ms. Robbie reading a very specific Harley Quinn comic book for inspiration. Check out the picture below to see for yourself.

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Margot Robbie was spotted reading a Harley Quinn comic book at Los Angeles International Airport back in November, and recent Gotham City Sirens developments have us intrigued about her particular book choice for research. Although it seems like a relatively innocuous moment (after all, why WOULDN'T she be reading a Harley Quinn comic book?) one very astute Reddit user appears to have figured out the exact issue. It's difficult to discern accurately, but the issue seems to be the Harley Quinn Valentine's Day Special in Harley Quinn Vol. 3 Kiss Kiss Bang Stab.

The particular issue seems incredibly important because it may indicate where Margot Robbie is drawing inspiration for the Gotham City Sirens storyline. The issue she's reading in the above photo prominently features Batman as a central player in the storyline, and if she's looking to this issue for inspiration, it could indicate that Ben Affleck's Batman will appear in Gotham City Sirens. Not only that, but it also opens up the possibility that The Caped Crusader will be captured by The Joker's beloved girlfriend.

Harley Quinn Batman

It definitely would make plenty of sense for Batman to make an appearance in Gotham City Sirens. After all, Gotham City is his home turf. The fact that he appears to get captured in the source comic book definitely could play a significant role in the assembly of the Birds of Prey team. Who doesn't love a good rescue mission? Margot Robbie isn't stupid; she knows that reading a comic book in public will tip off obsessive nerds such as us, and it seems like a solid way to tease fans about the film's potential narrative.

What do you think of this development? Was Margot Robbie trying to tell us something about Gotham City Sirens with that picture, or is she just a fan of Harley Quinn comics? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

We will bring you more updates regarding the development of Gotham City Sirens as more information is made available to us. The project is currently on a fast track at Warner Bros.

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