Why A Deadpool And Kingsman Crossover Could Actually Work, According To Taron Edgerton

While Kingsman: The Secret Service isn't usually lumped into the "comic book movie" category with the Marvel and DC standards it is no less a comic book movie. As such, it has as much potential for crossovers as those cinematic universes. Although the property Taron Egerton would like to crossover with may be a bit harder to pull off. The actor, who is about to begin work on a Kingsman sequel, was recently asked who he'd love to see a big screen crossover with. His choice was Deadpool, and while such a crossover is certainly unlikely, the actor explains why it would work.

I guess the tone of Deadpool would probably lend itself best. You know, some of the others are a little bit more family orientated, whereas Kingsman and Deadpool are both pretty R. So I guess maybe that would work quite well. Ryan's a great guy, I met him very recently. Eggsy and Deadpool, who knows. I dread to think what those boys would get up to.

We can't really argue that the tone of Kingman and Deadpool would likely work very well together. Clearly, Kingsman is a bit too over the top and violent for it to mesh well with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, it would also be far too comedic to mix well with DC's darker extended universe. Deadpool however, would match the adult tone perfectly while also being lighter and funnier, much like Kingsman. Taron Egerton's comments to MTV International certainly make some sense.

While both properties are based on comic books, they don't necessarily take place in the same world, and so seeing a crossover would be highly unlikely. At the same time, the thing that usually stalls crossover ideas like this usually has little to do with the creative side of things and much more to do with real life legal dealings, and as far as that goes, this idea might actually have a shot. The Secret Service, the comic that Kingsman was based on, was published by Icon, which is a label owned by Marvel Comics. While this doesn't mean the two worlds are necessarily connected it does mean that Marvel themselves would get to make that call, they wouldn't need to make a deal with anybody else. On top of that, the Kingsman movies are a 20th Century Fox production, just like Deadpool is, so the same studio has the rights to both, making that side of the crossover easy to handle on that end as well.

We'll probably never see Eggsy team-up with Deadpool, but hey, we never thought we'd see Deadpool on screen at all, and that eventually happened. We're guessing that seeing these two team up would be an amazing experience. We'll hold out hope, but not a lot.

Dirk Libbey
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