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It's hard for DC superhero movies to set themselves apart these days -- particularly when Batman has become such a consistent fixture within the DC landscape. In order to craft an adventure featuring The Dark Knight feel truly different from what we've seen before, a filmmaker needs to be willing to take risks and try something genuinely fresh. That appears to be what Chris McKay's The LEGO Batman Movie has endeavored to do, and the early reviews seem to suggest that the efforts have paid off. The Daily Telegraph's review of the new film reads:

There are around four (great) films' worth of action and jokes here, crammed into a story so streamlined it might have been assembled in the Lockheed wind tunnel.

So it seems that The Daily Telegraph's Robbie Collin thoroughly enjoyed The LEGO Batman Movie. By his own estimation, it's a densely layered superhero epic that's packed to the brim with action and comedy in equal measure, and yet the film's overall story (which clocks in at one hour and forty-six minutes) is a lean and well-crafted narrative. Reviews don't get much more glowing than that.

In fact, praise of The LEGO Batman Movie's raw speed seems to be a consistent aspect that Mr. Collin has focused on. Much like The LEGO Movie, the Batman-centric LEGO adventure is a rapid-fire stream of comedy that you will actually have to work to keep up with. Collin tweeted:

Of course, that's obviously only one review. What do other critics who have seen The LEGO Batman Movie have to say about the affair? Luckily for us, the sentiment appears to be nearly universal. It sounds like the movie is simply a ton of fun to watch, and The Guardian's Steve Rose draws more comparisons to Deadpool than Zack Snyder's recent Batman efforts in the DCEU regarding how it feels. He tweeted:

If you have found yourself a little unnerved by the overwhelming darkness of recent silver screen Batman outings, then it seems that The LEGO Batman Movie will serve as a perfect panacea for that concern. Going one step further, the recent Bleeding Cool review for the upcoming interlocking brick version of The Caped Crusader even thinks that The Lego Batman Movie is a strong competitor for the title of best Batman movie ever made.

If you were already excited for The LEGO Batman Movie, it sounds like you can keep raising your expectations. The film has already managed to impress those who have had the opportunity to see it, and we can only assume that the hype will only continue to mount as the release date draws near.

The LEGO Batman Movie will hit theaters on February 10. Check out a trailer for the upcoming superhero comedy on the next page.

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