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The silver screen is a place where monsters run wild, and few movie monsters have become more iconic than King Kong. Everyone's favorite giant ape has made numerous appearances in cinemas over the course of the last century, and his next appearance will take place when Kong: Skull Island finally debuts next month. All of the footage we have seen from the film thus far promises a crazy island adventure, but now it appears that the story won't conclude when the credits roll. In fact, according to Latino Review's Kellvin Chavez: Kong: Skull Island will definitely include a mid-credits sequence. Check out his tweet below to see for yourself.

That tweet obviously doesn't show us anything in terms of footage or still shots of the mid-credits sequence. Nor does it hint at what we may actually see when the credits for Kong: Skull Island finally roll. That said, it promises that we will definitely see more to this story, and the overarching Kong narrative won't end with this movie.

The promise of a mid-credits scene in Kong: Skull Island seemingly guarantees some major setup for an even bigger franchise. We've known about the connections between the burgeoning King Kong franchise and the newly rebooted Godzilla series for quite some time. Although we cannot currently confirm the fact that the giant fire-breathing lizard will make an appearance in Skull Island's credits, it seems like a relatively natural and logical conclusion for us to come to.

Godzilla King Kong

Imagine the showdown between these two behemoth icons using today's CGI technology to make it a reality. You know that you want to see it.

Even without the promise of a mid-credits sequence, we're already incredibly excited about the prospect of a new King Kong movie. The film looks like a gritty throwback to the 1970s (and as such, it even takes place in that decade) and the huge cast (which includes Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson, and John C. Reilly) promises nothing less than an A-list action outing. Between Logan and Power Rangers, March is already shaping up to be a fantastic month for movies in 2017, and Kong: Skull Island could very easily carry on that tradition.

Kong: Skull Island will debut in theaters on March 10. Stay tuned for more details about the upcoming monster epic!

Check out a trailer for the upcoming monster movie on the next page to get an even closer look at King Kong in action!

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