Watch Hugh Jackman's Original X-Men Audition

If you saw Logan this weekend (which you probably did, because the movie has made a killing at the box office) then you probably already shed a tear or two for Hugh Jackman due to the knowledge that he has officially stepped down as Wolverine. As one of the longest-serving live-action silver screen superheroes, his legacy as Wolverine in the X-Men universe has become firmly solidified. With that in mind, it's time to take a look back and reminisce on the early days of his clawed career now that his tenure has come to an end. On that note, check out a video of Hugh Jackman's original Wolverine audition from Bryan Singer's first X-Men movie below.

It's genuinely amazing to watch that video and see how far Hugh Jackman has come as this character over the course of the last two decades. Although he seems to have a fairly clear understanding of the core ethos of Weapon X during his initial Wolverine audition with Bryan Singer, arguably the most fascinating aspect of the entire affair comes whenever he breaks character to ask a question or hash out a detail of the iconic X-Man. In a certain sense, it almost feels like we have taken his portrayal of the character for granted over the years. He has always been so good as Wolverine, that we genuinely forgot how much work he clearly put into the role.

Watching this audition also reminds us of another element of Hugh Jackman's mutant performance that has changed and evolved (pun intended) over the years: his physical transformation. Jackman has famously stated that he thought he could get in shape for Wolverine in a mere two months leading up to the production of the first X-Men movie. He was wrong. He has since become a vocal proponent of beginning his superhero training far earlier in the development process of any X-Men movie -- allowing for a least six months to properly bulk up.

Check out a shot of 2000's X-Men compared to a shot from 2013's The Wolverine to get a better sense of how much he has physically changed over the years.

Hugh Jackman Wolverine Physical Transformation X-Men

Actors who take on superhero roles have become known for their immense physical transformations, but Hugh Jackman has always taken it to the next level. His Wolverine workout regimen, coupled with his apparent mental preparation and research to take on this iconic role, has made this arguably the most legendary comic book movie portrayal of all time. His final outing as this excellent character is some of his best work to date, and it's all thanks to his clear preparation and passion for inhabiting this beloved anti-hero.

Logan is currently in theaters.

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