Wait, Is There Spider-Man 3 Footage In That New Life Trailer?

If you know very little about the filmmaking process, then the reality of putting a movie together may surprise you. Scenes are shot out of order, characters are digitally inserted into shots, and sometimes footage from one movie is used to fill out another movie. As it turns out, the upcoming sci-fi horror film Life has done just that, and the latest trailer for the thriller reveals that the production recycled footage from Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 3. Check out the particular shot from Spider-Man 3 below to see for yourself.

Spider-Man 3 and life crowd scene

A simple enough shot, right? That particular image comes during the sequence where Spider-Man (Tobey Maguire) saves Gwen Stacy (Bryce Dallas Howard) from a collapsing building. In a movie that has become the butt of ridicule, it's one of the coolest sequences in the entire film.

Now check out a shot from the recent Life trailer to compare the two.

Life Spider-Man 3 shot

Aside from the differences in lighting, as well as the fact that one of the extras is not holding a phone in the Spider-Man 3 shot, they are basically identical to one another. This means unused footage from the third Raimi Spider-Man film made its way into the recent Life trailer. It is obviously not uncommon for studios to recycle footage from one film to another (Deadpool actually featured an unused X-Jet shot from X-Men: The Last Stand) but it seems odd that the crew behind Life could not find a small crowd of people to look up at the sky in terror.

Of course, this revelation has raised plenty of interesting theories regarding the shared footage. One Reddit user even suggested the possibility that Life is actually some sort of backdoor origin story to tell the tale of how the Venom symbiote eventually makes its way to Earth to bond with Spider-Man. As unlikely as that seems at this point, we have seen similar instances of franchise films masquerading as standalone features in the past -- Split specifically comes to mind.

Venom Symbiote Spider-Man 3

Are we saying that Life is somehow tied into the Spider-Man mythos now? Of course not, but we have a feeling that fan theories are going to run wild for the next ten days until Life finally makes its debut in theaters.

Still, none of this changes the fact that Life still looks utterly terrifying. Check out the full trailer for the upcoming movie on the next page, and make sure to check it out when it hits theaters on March 24. In addition, for more in-depth information related to all of the other highly anticipated films slated to hit theaters this year, make sure to take a look at our comprehensive 2017 movie premiere guide.

Conner Schwerdtfeger

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