Watch Gaston, Wolverine And Robin Hood Compete In An Epic Sing-Off While Drinking

hugh jackman and luke evans play gaston

There's nothing like convincing celebrities who play iconic characters to do wacky stuff for television programs. There are few things I enjoy more than The Avengers playing Family Feud on Jimmy Kimmel, but one thing that might just beat it is watching Luke Evans, Hugh Jackman and Taron Egerton compete in a Gaston sing-off on The Jonathan Ross Show. That's right, Gaston himself, along with Wolverine and the upcoming Robin Hood all gave singing a go recently, and the results are glorious...

My favorite thing about this video may not even be the rambunctious singing itself. Instead, my favorite thing may be when Jonathan Ross pulls up a slew of large beer mugs from behind a couch to complement the performances. It's so unexpected, and kind of the perfect touch.

It's also a great look to have these three compete to perform. Taron Egerton, who also has taken leads in Kingsman: The Secret Service not to mention has a role in the chldren's musical comedy Sing, has a really nice voice. He's outshone a little bit here by Luke Evans, which is to be expected, considering that Evans actually trained on how to sing the role of Gaston in Beauty and the Beast. Regardless, it might actually be Hugh Jackman who is having the most fun on The Jonathan Ross Show. He's clearly just learning the lyrics to "Gaston," but we already know his voice rocks thanks to his own gig on Les Miserables. Plus, he's willing to throw out a your momma joke at the expense of Taron Egerton's mom.

If you caught Beauty and the Beast in theaters this weekend, you probably already know that "Gaston" was one of the better musical moments in the film. Luke Evans and Josh Gad were great as LeFou and Gaston respectively in the song, and the moving pieces in the pub-set scene were really fun to watch. But it's sort of telling that watching a talk show host and three a-listers goof around and do the same thing is almost equally as appealing. All you really need are the goofy lyrics in "Gaston" and a few people willing to belt them out to make the most of the song.

If you'd like to take a look at a clip of the song-oriented scene from Beauty and The Beast, that's also an option, below.

Beauty and the Beast and Logan are currently in theaters, and the Wolverine-oriented movie is certainly being cheeky about competing at the box office. In addition, you can catch Sing on Blu-ray and DVD this week (opens in new tab). To find out what else is heading to theaters soon, take a look at our movies premiere schedule.

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