How Emma Watson Thanked Fans For Seeing Beauty And The Beast

Emma Watson is currently starring in Disney's latest live action film Beauty and the Beast, and the movie has already done incredibly well during its first few days at the box office. During Beauty's first weekend at the box office alone, the film pulled in more than $350 million worldwide and shows no signs of stopping soon. To thank fans for coming out to see the new movie, Beauty and the Beast lead Emma Watson took to social media to share a lovely message--and set photos--with her fans. Here's how she thanked fans.

Thank you to everybody who went out and saw our film Beauty and the Beast! I saw so many lovely photos of families at the cinema together and also so many cute Belle costumes! I hope you all enjoyed it. Love, Em x

Clearly, Emma Watson is a fan of the fandom. She says she's been perusing the Internet to check out people who already saw Beauty and the Beast during opening weekend. She also loved the costumes people have put together to pay homage to the film. That's a pretty cool message, but it's really not as cool as her posing with Kevin Kline on the set, which she also shared on Facebook, noting he played her onscreen dad.

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If you were more of a fan of "Be Our Guest" while watching the film, there's also a lovely photo of the actress lined up with the pots and pans in the kitchen of the castle. Unfortunately, the dishes aren't quite as animated as they are in movie itself, but the imagery is still adorable, minus the cell phone.

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Part of Beauty and the Beast's success has to do with Emma Watson herself, who has hordes of fans thanks to the time she spent making movies for the Harry Potter franchise. She's spent the last few years doing smaller movies and supporting various causes, which means that Beauty and The Beast is her first big budget foray in a while, and it looks as if fans are eating it up. It's nice that Emma Watson is so grateful for the fans who helped to make her a household name, even if she's not up for taking selfies with them.

You can join the gang by seeing Beauty and The Beast in theaters now, and take a look at what else is heading to the big screen soon with our movies schedule.

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