The New Baywatch Trailer Is Longer And Raunchier

We weren't sure what to expect when we heard that The Rock was making a Baywatch movie. However, the more we see of it, the more we can't help but notice it looks like a lot of ridiculous fun. The newest trailer only shows more of everything we love. The comedy has become more nuts, and fairly dirty, and the action is just that much bigger. Check out the newest trailer right now.

In addition to showing us more pretty people in little clothing in this trailer, we also get to see just how vile some of the comedy is going to be. In one sequence we see our heroes hiding out inside the cooler of a morgue which is where they put the cadavers. That would be bad enough, but the trailer takes things one step further as Zac Efron then gets the fat of a human corpse dripping on his face. This is not a red-band trailer, so we honestly can't imagine what this movie has that we're not seeing.

We also get a bit more of the story about how our characters will come together in Baywatch. Zac Efron's character is a former Olympian who ends up at lifeguard tryouts for...reasons that are far from clear. However, he apparently gets the job more as a PR stunt than because he's actually good at the job. In point of fact, he's not very good at the job, based on the fact that he gets his ass kicked by a woman who's struggling while nearly drowning.

From there we get into the larger plot which deals with drug dealing that is taking place on the Baywatch beach. Since it's all happening on their turf, our team of lifeguards apparently decides it's their job to deal with it, which is just the sort of thing that happened in the old TV series, though the movie makes it clear just how ridiculous that concept really is.

The best part of the trailer, however, may be the opening in which we see a giant sand sculpture being made to show just how impressive Dwayne Johnson's Mitch Buchanan is supposed to be. It's even got the People's Eyebrow going, which is glorious. Of course The Rock's character's primary concern about the sculpture is in regards to it properly showing off his muscles, as well as his package.

Sand sculpture of Dwayne Johnson in Baywatch

Baywatch is clearly coming from the same place as 21 Jump Street and this weekend's CHIPS, which all made the decision to add comedy to their adaptations of TV series that played it straight. While the formula was a success for Jump Street, it remains to be seen just how well it will translate to other properties and other filmmakers. Both The Rock and Zac Efron have been doing a lot of focusing on comedy recently, Efron with the Neighbors films and The Rock with Central Intelligence. The two look to play off each other well here, though it's hard to say how much of that is legit and how much is a well-edited trailer.

We'll see how well Baywatch holds up when it hits screens this July. If nothing else we're sure there will be lots of pretty people wearing very little, and that was certainly enough to make the TV show a hit.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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