Kristen Bell Actually Stopped Breastfeeding So Her Cleavage Would Be Perfect In CHIPS

Actors have it tough sometimes. In order to prepare for certain roles, they sometimes need to learn to wear weird costumes or go through months of training in order to get their bodies in the proper shape. Kristen Bell's plan for getting in the right condition for CHIPS was not that. The wife of CHIPS writer and director Dax Shepard decided that the thing she needed to do to get in the proper, um, shape, for her role in the movie was not breastfeeding for a full day. Here's why she ultimately stopped breastfeeding for the role:

If Christian Bale can lose 250 pounds for a movie, I can keep from breastfeeding for 24 hours, I literally did not pump for a full day. I told the kids to find some other food, Daddy's making a movie. It doesn't feel great, let me tell you. But I was happy to have a little extra to provide for the transformation.

We see Kristen Bell briefly in the trailer for CHIPS and there we see her in a swimsuit with the zipper pulled down enough to show off some serious cleavage. Apparently, by not breastfeeding for 24 hours, she was able to fill out the suit particularly well. The things we do for our profession, right? It's not exactly like losing weight in order to look like somebody who is wasting away, as Christian Bale and others have done. Still, as the actress points out, the decision wasn't without pain, so it was still something she had to struggle through. It was nice that the timing worked out that Bell was able to provide "a little extra" without having to do anything beyond what her body was already doing.

Kristen Bell in CHIPS

It worked out so well apparently, that Bell tells USA Today she was going to show off even more in CHIPS but her husband/director decided against it as it was simply too distracting.

There was a zipper on my bathing-suit front and I wanted to get really aggressive with the boobs. And he had me zip it up a little bit. Because he was like, 'People have to pay attention to my movie, not your chest.'

CHIPS follows in the footsteps of other dramatic TV series that have been adapted as big screen comedies. The new film sees Michael Pena going undercover with the California Highway Patrol and being partnered with Dax Shepard, who wrote and directed the film as well. For fans of raunchy adult humor, CHIPS looks to be exactly what they're looking for. From all indications, there is a fairly substantial amount of nudity in the film, although, apparently most of that will be done by Dax Shepard himself.

CHIPS hits theaters this Friday where it will compete with both superhero movie Power Rangers and sci-fi horror movie Life. Which one will you be lining up for?

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