Not to state the obvious, but it's incredibly difficult to put down zombies permanently. The entire subgenre has existed as a staple of the Hollywood horror scene for half of a century, and the popularity of the walking dead has only gone up in recent years. One zombie franchise that has kept us intrigued for the last few years is World War Z (based on Max Brooks' novel of the same name) which recently took a big step forward when it was announced that the studio has a script that it's happy with.

On that note, we think it's worth taking some time to dive into the World War Z lore to figure out what the sequel needs. Max Brooks' book is a fantastic source of inspiration, but the first World War Z movie barely acknowledged any aspects of the literary material. With that in mind, we have gone through the book and pulled out a few key traits that World War Z 2 should incorporate into its narrative. If you're a fan of the franchise, let us know wat you want to see in the upcoming sequel in the comments section below. Now let's kick this list off with the weirder stories that make World War Z so damn endearing in the first place.

Embrace Some Of The Weirder Stories From The Book

One particular aspect of the World War Z book that sets it apart from other zombie fiction is its unique and in-depth look into strange zombie adventures. There are a ton of excellent chapters that are chock full of some genuinely outlandish stories, such as a group of English survivors who survive indefinitely within the walls of a medieval castle, and a blind Japanese man who learns how to kill zombies by hearing them like Matt Murdock. There's even a story about a group of astronauts who sacrifice themselves on the International Space Station to keep radios working on Earth. World War Z isn't just a story about survivors pulling off impressive headshots (although there are plenty of those as well), it's a compilation of ridiculous adventures and truly insane exploits that just happen to include the walking dead.

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