Wonder Woman's New Justice League Footage Reveals The Flying Fox

The new Justice League movie has been building toward a big trailer release tomorrow by showing off each of the film's big heroes in their own brief video package. It's now Wonder Woman's turn to take center stage, and she's not alone. While the brief clip doesn't show us much, it does show off a major piece of Justice League technology that will make an appearance in the new film, The Flying Fox. Check it out.

In The DC Universe, the Flying Fox is a transport carrier that was created by Wayne Enterprises. Similar to the Blackbird from the X-Men comics, it's the plane that the Justice League uses to get from point A to point B very quickly. At about the six-second mark in the above clip we see Wonder Woman walking through a massive hanger toward a plane that can only be the Flying Fox.

Of course, we now also realize that we've been seeing the Flying Fox for a while now, we just didn't realize it. Each of these different character videos that have been released over the last couple of days has ended with the same shot, which had previously been released by Warner Bros. as a still image, with a door lowering to reveal the Justice League (minus Superman) standing together. We now know that this is a shot of them all about to exit the Flying Fox.

While Wonder Woman made a significant appearance in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice she's still a character that we don't necessarily know a great deal about within the confines of the DCEU. That makes 2017 a big year for the character, as she will not only appear in Justice League, but she has her solo movie that's only a few months away. There may be more anticipation for that film than there even is for Justice League at this point. Though we'd guess that may change after the big Justice League trailer arrives on Saturday.

In addition to the short clip, we also got a new Justice League poster that shows off Wonder Woman in front of the Justice League logo. Every time we see Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman we realize just how perfect this casting was, at least visually. It's hard to believe anybody could look more like the character.

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So far we've seen videos released for almost every member of the Justice League. Based on the pace they've been released, there's a good chance we'll be seeing the one for Cyborg later today. Keep watching CinemaBlend so you'll know as soon as it arrives.

Dirk Libbey
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