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Because Laura Dern has spent the last week tirelessly promoting Wilson, she's also had to face a barrage of questions regarding her mysterious role in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The film is shrouded in so much secrecy that all we have is a variety of rumors regarding her character, some of which have suggested that she has outlandish hair and is some kind of political figure. Rather than trying to pry a concrete spoiler out of Laura Dern regarding The Last Jedi, Andy Cohen instead asked her to remain silent, only answer with her facial expressions, and then he'd overly read into them. Here was the result,

So what did we learn? Not a lot, except that even when Laura Dern is silent she's still a downright delight. Andy Cohen certainly made sure to throw some important and heavyweight questions at Laura Dern regarding Star Wars: The Last Jedi, none of which the actress would have been able to remotely answer even if she had been allowed to talk.

But since these questions are now in ether, let's have a look over them and Laura Dern's facial responses and see what we can figure out. Andy Cohen's first question to the Academy Award nominated actress was whether or not she is playing a political rival to Carrie Fisher's General Leia Organa. Laura Dern's stern and motionless retort made Andy Cohen believe that she isn't playing such a character. But I happen to think that Dern was so stunned by the fact that they'd got the details of her character spot on that she just decided not to move for fear of revealing too much.

Andy Cohen's next question was asking who the Last Jedi, whether it is Luke, Rey, or plural. By throwing her hands in the air, opening her mouth, and shaking her head, Laura Dern made it perfectly clear that she didn't have a clue about the answer, something that's easy to imagine as only the bare minimum of people will be privy to such vital information. Andy Cohen's next question was irrelevant, because I will eat me left shoe if it's revealed that Luke Skywalker is actually Rey's father, but his final query did make for an interesting response.

After being asked whether or not Lando Calrissian was coming back for Star Wars 8, Laura Dern asked, 'Who?'. Because of her acting prowess, Andy Cohen decided she was being too coy, and insisted that meant Billy Dee Williams would be reprising the character, and I happen to agree. Possibly just because I am dying to see an older Lando on the big-screen, but also because I want to see him singing "Dust In The Wind" at a Han Solo memorial.

We'll finally get to see if any of the above is even remotely true when Star Wars: The Last Jedi is released on December 15.

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