Amber Heard's First Justice League Training Photo Is So Badass

amber heard playing mera in justice league

We've known for a while that actress Amber Heard has been signed on to appear in the upcoming Justice League movie playing Mera, the queen of the sea. While at first it seemed like the role might be small, more recent reports have indicated we might see a bit more from Amber Heard's character, and while teasers have been slow to indicate what that might look like, Heard herself has finally given some footage of her training for the role. You can check out Amber Heard: Badass in the footage, below.

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Anyone familiar with superhero movies knows that the actors need more than washboard abs to sign on for a role. In fact, there's an absolute ton of training that goes on prior to and during the actual filming each of these roles, whether those roles end up on TV or on the big screen. In Amber Heard's case, it looks as if she is practicing martial arts with a sword. I have no idea if this means she will eventually wield some new weapons in the upcoming Justice League movie, as we've seen exactly zero footage of the character in action so far, and not much behind a first image.

That glimpse at her person and her concept art seemingly indicated that her hands will eventually glow and she'll be able to manipulate the water just like her comic book counterpart. Eventually, she'll also have the romantic connections with Aquaman that past iterations of the character have had, although she's not an officially part of the Justice League lineup. Her costume also looks incredibly close to the early concept art for the film, and thank goodness for Zack Snyder sharing a photo of her costume and character from the set.

Again, there's no action in this sort of shot, but to see Amber Heard working with a sword on all kinds of intriguing moves is really getting us excited for what is coming and soon, even if she's only up to a little bit of badass cross-training at this point. We'll be sure to keep you posted if we learn more about what Mera will be up to. In the meantime, we already know that Justice League will be about putting together a group, specifically in the wake of Superman, and if you'd like to get more into the details of what the movie will be up to, check out our what we know guide.

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