Bad Moms 2 Will Have Full Frontal Nudity, According To Mila Kunis

Katheryn Hahn Mila Kunis and Kristen Bell party in Bad Moms

When it arrived in theaters last summer, Bad Moms most definitely lived up to both its title and its rating -- featuring stars Mila Kunis, Katheryn Hahn, and Kristen Bell very distinctly raising a middle finger to the stereotypical image of a suburban mom. It's a trend that fans should most definitely expect with the upcoming sequel, Bad Mom's Christmas, as this morning Kunis confirmed to me that audiences should be prepared for some full frontal nudity:

It's pretty R-rated. There will be a penis or two in it. Yup. It's true, I said penis. Maybe some balls.

I caught up with Mila Kunis and got to talk a bit about Bad Mom's Christmas earlier today at CinemaCon -- the annual convention for theater owners held in Las Vegas. While she was walking the press line during the studio presentation for STX Entertainment, I asked her how the movie would fit into the tradition of dark Christmas comedies -- and she certainly makes it sound like they're not messing around when it comes to the R-rating.

Bad Moms wound up being a surprisingly huge hit when it was released last summer (bringing in an impressive $179 million worldwide on a $20 million reported budget), so it really came as a surprise to nobody that a sequel wound up getting the green light super fast. Back in December it was officially announced that Amy, Carla, and Kiki would be returning for a special holiday adventure, and while it's coming together very quickly, there are high expectations for what writer/directors Jon Lucas and Scott Moore will deliver.

Interestingly, the film also offers up an interesting new experience for Mila Kunis, as Bad Mom's Christmas will actually be her first big screen sequel. What's more, it wound up being a process that she really appreciated, as her experience playing Amy in the 2016 film allowed her to contribute in a more significant way to the development of the follow-up story. She explained,

You get a little bit more say in the development process, and in the writing process. And you're a little bit more involved in the first draft, the second draft, the third draft because you have a little more understanding of your own character. Sot it is different -- it's great!

You can watch Mila Kunis talk all about her work on Bad Mom's Christmas in the video below:

With Bad Mom's Christmas sporting an end-of-the-year release date, it may be a few months before the first trailer for the comedy arrives online, but we will most certainly have it for you as soon as it becomes available. In the meantime, stay tuned for more updates about the sequel, and look for it in theaters on November 3rd.

Eric Eisenberg
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