John Krasinski Had The Best Reaction To Emily Blunt's New Mary Poppins Returns Songs

Emily Blunt in Mary Poppins Returns

Being married to Mary Poppins has its perks. This, according to John Krasinski, who (of course) is married to the beautiful and talented Emily Blunt, the current star of the in-production Mary Poppins Returns. And because of their marital bond, Krasinski lays claim to an entertaining benefit that is going to make Disney musical maniacs lose their minds. He has heard the new music that has been composed for Disney's upcoming musical. And Krasinski has this to say about the compositions:

I have heard, I think, nearly all of [the new songs]. And listen, it's not hard to make me cry. But I cried at almost every single one of them. It is so incredibly magical, and I am so honored to have heard it. It's going to be something so special, I don't think people are even ready for it. I was blown away.

John Krasinski reached out to CinemaBlend to discuss his work on the Disneynature documentary Born in China, for which he narrates. And in between gushing about baby pandas and adorable snow leopards, the former The Office standout and soon-to-be Jack Ryan teased me on the musical interludes happening in London, where his wife, Emily Blunt, is filming Mary Poppins Returns. Blunt will play the iconic nanny, who returns to the world of Jane and Michael Banks, now grown, to help them cope with a personal loss. The sequel will pull from the books of P.L. Travers, and be based on a screenplay by David Magee (Life of Pi, Finding Neverland).

Starring alongside Emily Blunt is Broadway sensation Lin-Manuel Miranda, who plays Jack, a character who'll serve a similar purpose to that of Dick Van Dyke (who ALSO co-stars in the new movie). And while Miranda did write the music for Disney's fantastic animated musical Moana, we only expect him to be singing in Mary Poppins Returns, not composing any original tunes. Crap!

That might change between now and December 2018... which is when Mary Poppins Returns is expected to open in theaters. That's right, Disney fans. You have to wait more than a full year and a half to finally hear this tear-inducing music that John Krasinski gets to hear his wife sing daily, while they are just hanging around their house. Call me when you have emerged from your jealousy tornado, kids.

Don't want to wait that long to hear the vocal stylings of John Krasinski? You don't have to! The gifted comedian/actor/director narrates the upcoming Disneynature film Born In China, which follows a series of indigenous animals through the trials of tribulations of life in Asia. It is part of a series of winning documentaries produced by Disneynature, including Bears and Chimpanzee. And as is usually the case, Born in China will get a theatrical release on April 21, or one day before Earth Day.

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