Star Wars: When We'll Finally Know What Happened To Captain Phasma After The Force Awakens

Star Wars the force awakens Captain Phasma with troopers

By and large, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is a good movie (if a bit too reliant on nostalgia), but the film has its fair share of criticisms. One of the bigger complaints against the film is the total major bummer that is Captain Phasma. With a look that just screamed she would wreck your shit, many fans thought she'd be the new Boba Fett. Turns out that the character does have a major similarity: they don't have much to do or say. Well, Star Wars is out to fix that, and is teaming up with Marvel to help make it happen.

Per, Marvel has unveiled a new comic book miniseries focusing entirely on Captain Phasma. Titled simply Captain Phasma, the series will bridge the gap between The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi and explain how Phasma escaped from the trash compactor and survived the destruction of Starkiller Base. The 4-issue series will be written by Kelly Thompson and drawn by Marco Checchetto and is looking at a September release.

It's assumed that the miniseries won't just be about getting out of a dumpster, but will also expand on Phasma's backstory and the events leading up to whatever she's doing in The Last Jedi. According to rumors, certain members of the First Order are in hot water for their failure to stop Starkiller from exploding, so Phasma has a lot to prove to Snoke -- and the fans.

As Kelly Thompson tells, Captain Phasma has a "fascinating untapped potential." Well, yeah. When the biggest thing a character does is get thrown in a trash compactor, I would say there's a lot of things missing. Phasma is one of the coolest looking new Star Wars characters -- her armor is made from Palpatine's yacht for crying out loud! With Gwendoline Christie under the helmet, Phasma has all the making of a great Star Wars character. The problem is just getting the time to show it.

Hopefully, Rian Johnson learned from The Force Awakens and is beefing up Phasma's role for The Last Jedi. She can be briefly seen in The Last Jedi teaser, doing what she does best in trailers: looking like a badass. You can check that out down below.

The Captain Phasma miniseries is set to hit the market in September. Until then make sure you check back in with CinemaBlend for any and all future updates on Star Wars.

Matt Wood

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