David Fincher Is Actually Directing World War Z 2, We Still Can’t Believe It

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Sometimes you hear a bit of Hollywood news that sounds preposterous, and "David Fincher directing World War Z 2" is one such example. Not only has the director stayed away from big blockbusters since the notorious Alien 3, but it's just weird to think he'd be willing to step into the middle of the franchise. Odd as it may sound, it's coming very close to becoming a reality, as Paramount is on the verge of making it happen.

Variety is reporting that with new chairman and CEO Jim Gianopulos having taken his place at the studio, the wheels are in motion to make David Fincher's World War Z 2 happen. Back in February it was reported that the project was ready to go and that Paramount was just dragging its heels - but the new report says that filming could begin in the first quarter of next year.

We first learned about David Fincher's potential involvement in World War Z 2 in August of last year, and it was certainly strange - but there is one name that helped it all make a bit of sense: Brad Pitt. The zombie franchise is the first Pitt has been a part of in his career, and the actor was the one who specifically went after Fincher, having previously worked with him on Se7en and Fight Club. It seems that together they were able to concoct a vision for the blockbuster, and in a year we may start to see that vision come to life.

David Fincher hasn't directed a feature film since 2014's Gone Girl, but that hardly means he hasn't been busy. Instead, he's been developing and making the new series Mindhunters for Netflix - and apparently it's so good that the streaming service has already ordered a second season. The director is at the helm of the first, second, and tenth episodes of Season 1, but he may not be able to shoot any part of the show himself if World War Z 2 moves forward next year.

While World War Z 2 was initially on the calendar for summer release this year, Paramount removed it from the schedule a few weeks ago, and hasn't put the title back on the map. Once David Fincher is secured with a contract, we will almost surely get news about a release window - though one can probably guess that we won't see the finished blockbuster until summer of 2019.

Are you excited about David Fincher jumping back into the world of blockbuster movie making? How would you like to see Brad Pitt and him go about tackling World War Z 2? Do you think it should be radically different than the first film, or a continuation? Hit the comments section below with your thoughts.

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