These Awesome Moms-To-Be All Dressed Like Disney Princesses While Pregnant

There are a lot of Disney fans out there who just want to feel like princesses every now and again. Some of these are pint-sized fans and some of these are grown women who have found intriguing ways to show their love for the likes of Belle, Tiana, Jasmine and more. Recently, a bunch of pregnant ladies were dressed up as their favorite Disney characters for a delightful maternity shoot. You can check out the amazing results, below.

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Forget a blushing bride-to-be, check out these incredible moms-to-be! A company called Sew Trendy Accessories, which makes maternity wear, has a whole line of incredible maxi gowns that can help pregnant ladies to feel fabulous and look like their favorite princesses at the same time. Vic & Marie Photography highlighted the dresses, and along with the aforementioned princesses, fans have a maternity version of Snow White and Cinderella to choose from, too.

Disney is not a huge fan of adults dressing up like characters at the parks, which means that if you are over the age of 14 and really want to throw on a literal Beauty and the Beast costume, you may be turned away so no one mistakes you for an actual character. However, Disney is totally fond of character reminiscent outfits, which means that if you are wearing regular, modern clothing that takes on the look of a Disney character you are good to go in the parks. Making things complicated are newer rules that include no floor-length or oversized costumes, but this sort of dress may toe the line since it's more of a maxi than a full costume. At any rate, they are beautiful.

If I do have a gripe, it's that the Tiana dress is not quite the green shade that I would have expected, but honestly that mint color is awfully flattering. Plus it would have been hard to work in that yellow-green shade, anyway.

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There are a lot of ways to do a Disney look. Plenty of people I know have made their own Minnie ears for the parks, and Disneyland just recently opened The Dress Shop, which allows fans to buy character-themed dresses and accessories that fit the rules of the park. There's even an entire line out there of Disney-inspired bikinis, if that's more up your alley. I especially like this maternity line though, because when you are pregnant, you often have to sacrifice wearing the clothing you really love for random maternity stuff, and this line is both beautiful and looks hella comfy. Win.

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