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One Piece Of Advice Carrie Fisher Had About Getting Famous

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A lot of people have a Carrie Fisher story. The late actress touched fans as well as other people in the industry through the nearly fifty years she spent in showbiz. She's pretty well known for her wry sense of humor and storytelling, but she actually gave some knowing advice too, about life as a generally famous person and Star Wars icon. Before her death, she gave some advice to Catastrophe's Sharon Horgan about getting famous. Intriguingly, her answer was more about caring for her partner than herself. Here's what Carrie Fisher once told Horgan:

I suppose one specific thing she said to me was, when success happens to you -- and my success is so miniature and on a completely different plane than her success -- look out for your [romantic] partner. You have all these people telling you, 'You're great!' and it's ridiculous. We have a lovely life doing jobs we love. It's a privilege. And she was like, 'But keep an eye on your partner. When everyone's telling you you're great, what about them?'

This is probably a lesson Carrie Fisher learned over the years, as she hopped from relationship to relationship. She most notably was married to Paul Simon and had a notable relationship with Bryan Lourd, who fathered her daughter Billie Lourd. She dated plenty of other people, of course, but what she seems to have realized after many of these experiences is that it's great to be in the limelight, but it can really suck for your partner if they aren't getting the same level of attention as you.

The change from not being famous to being famous can be striking, as plenty of celebrities and popular creatives have learned in the past. Actors from Chris Pratt to Orlando Bloom have spoken out about what they miss about not being famous or what changed when they became famous in the past, so clearly there are things celebrities learn that the average person really couldn't fathom in the same way.

Fisher is a lady who is known for telling good stories, which Sharon Horgan also references in his interview with Vulture. So it's no surprise that during her few appearances on Catastrophe--the last of which became her final TV performance--she still managed to share advice with the show's creator. Because she's such a good storyteller, there are plenty of examples of her sharing blunt opinions and information with the general public, including the time she talked about her best fan interaction, the time she revealed her affair with Harrison Ford and even how she really felt about Princess Leia's slave outfit getting banned. Although Carrie Fisher is gone too soon, she at least left behind a legacy of interesting stuff to talk about and advice that people won't be forgetting anytime soon.

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