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Just as the challenging year of 2016 was coming to a close, the world lost two legendary actresses in one foul swoops. Star Wars actress and writer Carrie Fisher suffered from an in-flight heart attack while traveling, and unfortunately passed away a few days later. And the next day the public was shocked as her mother, legendary actress Debbie Reynolds, suffered a fatal stroke, claiming she wanted to be with Carrie. And while their droves of dedicated fans were collectively mourning, it's important to note that Fisher's daughter Billie Lourd was grieving more than most of us can understand.

Since then, many have been wondering how Billie Lourd was holding up. And she's just taken to Instagram to address the public for the first time.

If that doesn't break your heart a little, you're cold inside.

Considering how many lives Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds touched with their work, it should come to no surprise that Billie Lourd was received an insane amount of love since their passing. Fisher has generations of fans who both idolized and fantasized about Leia in Star Wars, and Debbie Reynolds is a film legend who has delighted fans for decades with her work in Singin' In The Rain, Will and Grace, and Halloweentown. And considering how much Lourd is going through at the moment, it makes sense that their fans would reach out and worry about her.

Billie Lourd Carrie Fisher

Billie Lourd has risen to prominence in the past two years. She is a serious regular (and my personal favorite character) in FOX's campy comedy Scream Queens. She plays Chanel #3, a hilariously deadpan sorority girl who is the most likely to steal any scene she's in. Additionally, Lourd is a Star Wars actress in her own right. She landed a small role as Lieutenant Connix in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, sharing all of her scenes with her mother's General Leia. She may have only had one line, but you couldn't help but notice Lourd wearing the signature Leia hair buns. Lourd is set to reprise her role in the untitled Episode VIII, and will apparently be a bigger character than her first appearance.

We here at CinemaBlend will be thinking of Billie Lourd as she continues to grieve and move forward in the Star Wars franchise. Scream Queens second season just ended, and you can catch up through Fox on demand.

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