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First Blade Runner 2049 Trailer Is Wild And Action-Packed

Ridley Scott is a hard act to follow, especially when the particular piece of his canon happens to be Blade Runner. But much like James Cameron dared to bring us Aliens, director Denis Villeneuve is going to take us back to the future in Blade Runner 2049. And you can see the latest look at the sci-fi master's ambitious follow-up in its new trailer, released below.

After a Q&A conducted with director Denis Villeneuve, and stars Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling, the brand new footage of Blade Runner 2049's visually lush future was unleashed upon the world. With a twisted version of the original Vangelis score's musical genius, a new story is unfolding involving a mysterious character played by Jared Leto, and the world order that divides humans from Replicants. It seems that 30 years hasn't change humanity all that much, and both Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling will be on a quest to try and save the species from unspeakable danger.

In addition to Leto's enigmatic bigwig, we have been given a look at a couple of the other familiar faces cast in the context of Blade Runner 2049's world. In particular, we've seen Robin Wright as Gosling's superior, who also serves as a narrator that lays down the plot-line of the continued divide between humans and Replicants. Also, we saw Dave Bautista as a bespectacled brawler, who looks to have tackled either Ford or Gosling for one reason or another. Finally, Mackenzie Davis and Ana de Armas are both revealed, as two more new female characters in Blade Runner 2049's compliment; with Davis looking like a spiritual child to Daryl Hannah's Pris if we've ever seen one.

Perhaps the most exciting part of Blade Runner 2049's newest trailer is the fact that it really seems that the film has nailed the tone of the world that Ridley Scott helped created back in 1981. Part of that fact is undoubtedly due to Blade Runner screenwriter Hampton Fancher back as a writer contributing to the story of this new film. But also, the look and feel of director Denis Villeneuve's vision for Blade Runner 2049 totally pays tribute to the film that came before it, while also branching out into some exciting new territory. It may be the future, but everything looks as dangerous as ever, if not moreso.

Blade Runner 2049 will be in theaters on October 6th, in traditional and IMAX 3D formats.

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