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Three Villains Tom Holland Wants To Fight In Future Spider-Man Movies

The new MCU version of Spider-Man is about to make his solo film debut and along with him, we're going to get the first MCU Spider-Man villains. But knowing that more wall-crawler is on the way, which villains would Tom Holland like to see in the follow-up? The actor who plays Spider-Man was recently asked which Spider-Man villain he would like to see in the already announced sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming. Holland had a few different ideas. In his words...

There's so many good villains, I really like Mysterio, I like Kraven. I really like the Clone Saga. I think it could be really cool if Peter, or Spider-Man has to fight people with the same powers as him. Spider-Woman's super cool... I think she's called Spider-Girl who is his clone. They kind of like hit it off and they take their masks off and they're like... what the hell!? They're like the same person, but she's just a girl. I think that's really cool.

There are some great ideas in what Tom Holland suggested to CinePOP. Mysterio (pictured above) would be a great option for a villain who, one would think, could come across great on screen. The character is traditionally depicted as a movie special effects wizard and as such would seem to be a perfect fit for a special effects-heavy superhero movie. Add a bit of visual spectacle that we got from Doctor Strange to a Spider-Man film and we could get some really impressive visuals.

Mysterio Spider-Man

Alternatively, Kraven the Hunter would make for a much more grounded story, but one no less intense. Kraven is a big game hunter who wants to add Spider-Man to his trophy collection. The MCU version of Kraven would be an interesting one. Considering the fact that all of Spider-Man tech comes from Tony Stark in the films, a hunter going after Spider-Man would need to be able to overcome all of it. Considering that we know that Peter Parker is going to lose all his Tony Stark toys in Spider-Man: Homecoming a second film where he finds them useless might not be the way to go, but it would certainly provide an interesting story. If nothing else, Kraven would be an impressive character to put on screen. Check him out below.


On the other side of the coin, we have the Clone Saga. That particular Marvel Comics story arc is far from the most beloved in the long history of the web-slinger. In the comics, Peter Parker gets cloned and ends up fighting an identical version of himself. After defeating him, it's then revealed later that the character fans have been following as Spider-Man is actually the clone, and the man fans thought was the clone was the real Spider-Man. It was a controversial move, though, as the MCU did with Civil War, it's possible they could take the basic premise of the idea and then spin in in a different direction. The basic premise of Spider-Man fighting somebody who shares his abilities isn't a bad idea, and it seems to be the part Tom Holland is most interested in.

The Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel is set for release just a couple months after Avengers 4, which likely means it will be a very stand alone story, as the major Marvel crossover will have just wrapped up. Which of these villains would you like to see in a future Spider-Man movie? Let us know in the poll below.

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