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Charlie Hunnam Finally Spoke Out About About The Possibility Of Playing James Bond

Charlie Hunnam

If you're from the UK, and male, you probably have a decent shot at being the next James Bond. Charlie Hunnam fits those two qualifications, and now he's spoken out about the possibility of taking the iconic role. Hunnam has been one of the rumored actors attached to the role in the past and he was recently asked if there was any truth to them at all. He seems to believe he would make a fantastic James Bond, though he admits nobody has asked him about it yet. According to Hunnam...

I can say two things: I'm English, and I look devilishly handsome in a suit. I can say three things: And nobody has called me about playing James Bond. So, I'm pretty sure that's not gonna happen.

Charlie Hunnam was a guest on Conan where he was, in fact, wearing a suit, so his claim that he looks devilishly handsome can be verified by all. It seems clear that if the folks at Ion Productions are at all interested in hiring Charlie Hunnam to play James Bond, he's certainly interested in taking on the part. While he seems convinced that the fact that nobody has called him is an indication that he's not really in the running the reality of the situation is far from clear.

From the beginning, it has been a fairly sure thing that the role of James Bond still belongs to Daniel Craig if he wants it, and whether or not he does has remained an open question ever since the release of Spectre. Recent indications have been that Craig may be willing to return for one final film and if those rumors are true then the fact is nobody else is going to get a phone call.

With everybody wanting to see Daniel Craig return it's unclear who, if anybody, has actually been approached about playing James Bond. There have been some reports that Tom Hiddleston did meet with the powers that be, though even that has not been confirmed. Everybody from Hiddleston to Tom Hardy to Damien Lewis has been called the front runner for the role from time to time but we have no idea how seriously any of them have been considered.

It's very possible that Charlie Hunnam simply hasn't been called yet. What's more, if Daniel Craig does return for one last go-round as James Bond, then any bets are off because the Hollywood landscape will look very different in two or three years when the search for the next James Bond really does get underway. Somebody who gets discounted now could make themselves a hot prospect in the next couple years. Whoever's at the top of the list could end up sliding down if their stock drops.

Dirk Libbey
Dirk Libbey

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