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Josh Gad Just Addressed Those Penguin Rumors He Started

josh gad as the penguin dceu

It's been two weeks since Josh Gad went online and threw out a simple picture of popular DC character the Penguin, leading fans to wonder if a role playing the popular villain might be coming. The idea, in fact, seemed so spot on that it had the Internet abuzz immediately, and now Josh Gad has spoken out about the casting idea. Only, if you were hoping for any concrete news, there unfortunately isn't any. He said:

[I was] just having some fun! Just having some fun. That's it, really I promise. There's nothing there. You know what? The Internet just goes wild and I was just having some fun. Just putting things out there.

Well, that effectively ends the rumors Josh Gad himself started. At this time, there is no project in the works involving the Frozen and Murder on the Orient Express actor playing the Penguin. Still, if any casting director out there was gauging the reaction of the fans related to the possible casting, they should cast Josh Gad immediately. The actor has the presence and the look to pull off the Penguin, and there is already fan art that makes it clear what Josh Gad would look like in that sort of role.

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Still, I guess don't count him out, yet. Josh Gad may have fueled the flames he might play the Penguin, but he also told MTV that it's definitely something he would consider if the DCEU came calling.

I would absolutely be open to playing the Penguin in the Batman movie.

Fan hopes don't always lead to castings, otherwise Donald Glover would be playing Spider-Man right now. (Although he is actually appearing in Spider-Man: Homecoming.) Still, it's fun to think about what a world in which Josh Gad got to play a villain, specifically the Penguin, would be like, whether that ended up being on a TV series, an animated movie or a big screen project. We'll let you know if the Penguin ever becomes a reality. In the meantime, DC and Warner Bros. have both Wonder Woman and Justice League coming up. Catch the female-oriented superhero movie on June 2 and check out what else is coming with our full summer schedule.

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