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Why Alicia Silverstone Thinks She'd Be Better At Batgirl Now

Alicia Silverstone as Batgirl

Rarely do actors get a second chance at a major role after taking a long time off. Sean Connery infamously returned to James Bond's tux for Never Say Never Again, and Harrison Ford dusted off Han Solo's blaster when J.J. Abrams brought Star Wars off the shelf. These actors might feel they were better in these roles at a later age, because they're wiser, and more experienced. That's the angle Alicia Silverstone takes when asked if she'd make a better Batgirl now than she did back in 1997 with the atrociously campy Batman & Robin. The Clueless star posits:

I feel like I could do a much better Batgirl now than I did then. It would be fun to tackle it again. Because I'm older and my acting is better. I know I would bring so much more to it. I was just a baby. It was a different thing. But I had fun back then. And I think it would be fun to do it again.

Are you listening, Joss Whedon? Because we know you are making a new Batgirl movie, and while you have said in the past that you are looking for relative unknown and possibly a newcomer, the concept of Alicia Silverstone playing the original Batgirl, brought in to mentor a younger warrior, is intriguing.

Alicia Silverstone was talking with USA Today, and opened up about her Batrigl past. The actress stepped into the Batgirl suit as a member of Joel Schumacher's ensemble, fighting alongside Chris O'Donnell's Robin and George Clooney's Batman -- his first stint in the nippled costume. A sequel to Batman Forever, as well as the movie that killed the Bat franchise for several years, Batman & Robin was a neon-drenched pop-art painting that's largely remembered for its grotesque excessiveness, largely personified by the incessant puns dished out by Arnold Schwarzenegger's Mr. Freeze. Chill out and enjoy some of these clunkers:

Later in the same article, Alicia Silverstone says that she'd be open to making a cameo in Joss Whedon's planned Batgirl movie, though one major thing would have to change before she signed on the dotted line:

That costume was so uncomfortable. Maybe something more comfortable would be nice. Something you can sit in. Something you can get out of to pee.

Alicia Silverstone will next be seen playing the mom in the updated version of Fox's Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. And Joss Whedon has said he's making a Batgirl movie, but it's so early in the process, we really have no idea when it might arrive in the ongoing developments of the DCEU. For more on that universe, head on over here and catch up.

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