The introduction of streaming services has completely changed the landscape of television over the past few years. And now that Netflix and company are focusing on acquiring and releasing exciting new films, Hollywood film production may be on the precipice of a similar shift in thinking. Quite a few unique film titles have been given the Netflix lately, so the next few months should be a particularly exciting for the streaming service's subscribers. And there's seven specific films that you don't want to miss when they're released in the coming months.

War Machine (May 26, 2017)

War Machine is one of the most highly anticipated new film releases for Netflix. An utterly ridiculous satirical war film, War Machine will follow four-star General Glen McMahon (Brat Pitt) and his platoon, who are deployed to Afghanistan in an attempt to end the conflict overseas. But both McMahon and the rest of his group's incompetence becomes instantly clear, presumably leading to quite a few wartime shenanigans and pratfalls. And before long, McMahon realizes he may be the one in danger there.

War Machine boasts an impressive supporting cast, in addition to the major win in the form of Brad Pitt. Joining Pitt in his wartime comedy are Ben Kingsley, Topher Grace, The OA's Emory Cohen, former Bratpacker Anthony Michael Hall, and even the incomparable Tilda Swinton. The trailer for the satire is currently available online, so you can see if War Machine will make it onto your queue when its released next week.

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