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Logan's Dafne Keen Has Landed Her Next Big Movie Role

dafne keen in ana

You probably know her as Laura, but Logan newcomer Dafne Keen is gearing up to get her movie career started in earnest. In fact, we just learned that she's signed on for her first follow-up to Logan, a movie with Luis Guzman where she will play the titular character called Ana. Even better? It's going to be another road trip movie.

The movie will star Dafne Keen as Ana, a young woman who will befriend Luis Guzman's character Rafa during what will be a "chance encounter." The two will then go on a road trip, which is fairly similar to the events in Logan, although I can't imagine Guzman's getting into Wolverine shape or do action sequences for an entire movie. Anyway, Luis Guzman's character will be in some sort of trouble during the film, and Ana will go with him to try and keep him from bankruptcy. Chris Cole is writing and Charles McDougal is directing Ana. Luillo Ruiz will produce the movie. Keen's casting comes shortly after she had a big viral moment at the MTV music & TV awards.

Dafne Keen is super new on the scene, so new that currently Deadline says the actress doesn't even have an agent. The actress currently only has the TV series The Refugees and Logan under her belt, making Ana her third role ever. Still, that's not bad for being a pre-teen, and we're guessing the acclaim Dafne Keen got from Logan should keep her career on track for a little while, meaning an agent should be imminent. Although, we'll have to wait and see how she does when she doesn't have adamantium claws at her immediate disposal.

luis guzman ana

As for Luis Guzman, the actor is everywhere in TV and film. He's in Code Black and also had a fun role in the short-lived Roadies series. He's on Netflix, too, in projects like Narcos and Sandy Wexler. Recent big screen endeavors include Keanu and Top Five. I have no idea what to expect from a team-up between the young actress and the older actor, but I am in fact interested to find out, although Ruiz said the combination will be "mesmerizing," so there's that.

This year has been a big year for diversity in film, and Ana could be another movie that continues pushing forward with the idea that movie audiences want movies with a wide spectrum of characters. As for Dafne Keen, we'll have to wait and see if the child actress pans out in the long run. A lot of kid actors quit before they become adults or transition into something else by the time they become college-aged. At least she's going for a movie career while the iron is still hot. We'll let you know as soon as Ana gets a release date. In the meantime, take a look at what is heading to theaters this summer with our full guide.

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