Boss Baby 2 Is Happening, Because Sequels

The Boss Baby

DreamWorks Animation isn't quite the contender it was once. For every How to Train Your Dragon or Kung Fu Panda, there's a Turbo. The studio's animated movies don't bring in the bucks like it used to -- at least compared to rivals Pixar and Illumination, which spit out moneymakers left and right. So, when DreamWorks makes a movie that does pretty well at the box office, it only makes sense that they greenlight a sequel ASAP. This year's The Boss Baby has been a sneaky hit, and thus a sequel is officially happening.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, DreamWorks Animation has given the go-ahead on development of The Boss Baby 2. The studio will re-team with Alec Baldwin, whose deep baritone provided the authoritative voice of the titular baby. The sequel is currently aiming to hit theaters in 2021.

It's possible that you might be wondering how The Boss Baby was eligible for a sequel. The film didn't make much of a splash when it dropped this past March, collecting modest reviews and a decent domestic gross. Turns out the film is something of a sleeper hit, having collected 468.4 million worldwide ($167 million domestically; $301.4 million overseas). This was enough of a case for DreamWorks to okay a sequel and we could quite possibly be on the verge of a Boss Baby franchise.

While the plot is likely not the first concern in a movie with as marketable a mascot, the sequel will have its work cut out for it. Those who saw the film will know that it ended with The Boss Baby giving up the magical baby formula that allowed him to be such a boss, reverting to a regular baby to live out a decidedly unboss-like existence. However, all of that might have been in some kid's imagination, so anything goes in the Boss Baby Cinematic Universe. Maybe the Boss Baby can get older with every sequel until we finally get to The Boss Baby 11: Just A Regular Boss Now. Perhaps it would look something like this:

Alec Baldwin

This will notably be one of DreamWorks more successful hits in recent memory. The studio has canceled a number of in-development projects such as The Croods 2 and Larrikins. DreamWorks falls under the Universal banner now, so it'll be interesting to see the kind of films the studio puts out moving forward.

We can all expect to see The Boss Baby 2 on March 26, 2021. There are bound to be more updates on the sequel, so make sure to keep checking back into CinemaBlend. For movies that are in the more immediate future, go check out our upcoming movies guide.

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