When Suicide Squad 2 Will Probably Get Off The Ground, According To Joel Kinnaman

suicide squad 2

Suicide Squad hit theaters to mixed reviews, but the flick made a lot of money, and one thing that people generally liked about the DC movie was its large ensemble cast of characters. With that in mind, it's no big surprise that DC and Warner Bros. are thinking about making a sequel to the original, and now we've learned it may get off of the ground sooner than expected. Here's what Joel Kinnaman had to say in a recent interview:

As far as I know they're writing the script and I think the plan is to shoot it sometime in 2018, but that could change. I think I'll definitely come back for it.

At the end of Suicide Squad, Joel Kinnaman's character, Rick Flag, was alive and as well as he could be considering his assignment, putting him in a pretty good position to come back for the sequel, if and when it gets off of the ground. DC currently has a slew of projects that have been announced including The Flash, Aquaman, Batgirl, a Batman solo movie... the list goes on.

If you've been keeping tabs on DC dates lately, things are kind-of a mess. Right now Wonder Woman is currently in theaters and then Justice League is on track for its release on November 17, around the holidays. After that, things get a bit murkier. The Flash solo movie was supposed to happen in the spring of 2018, but it's currently without a director and is off the DC schedule. Although it was pushed back at one point, Aquaman has moved into production and is expected to hit theaters late in 2018. We've heard that the Batman solo project or Gotham City Sirens could potentially move forward after, but those and other announced projects don't have release dates yet, so it has been unclear where Suicide Squad 2 could fit in.

However, from what Joel Kinnaman had to say to THR, Suicide Squad 2 is already in the works and being written and could get a release date much sooner than we anticipated. Kinnaman has also expressed interest in having Suicide Squad director David Ayer back to direct the project if he is able, although there's been no official announcement on the director front, yet. Ayer is currently attached to Gotham City Sirens and may direct Scarface if that franchise makes a comeback, but we'll keep you posted on the director front as Suicide Squad 2 moves forward.

Since DC's movie dates are so fluid right now, there's all manner of permutations for which upcoming movies could hit the schedule when. While we wait to find out, you can read up on what's going on with each of the studio's big releases, here. Or catch Wonder Woman in theaters, now.

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