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Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn

James Gunn has been entertaining Marvel fans for three years now through the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, but if you head over to the man's social media pages, you can find plenty of amusing posts, pictures and videos to pass the time until his next MCU contribution. For instance, the writer/director was recently contacted on Instagram by someone claiming to be Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige. Figuring that this individual was likely an impostor, Gunn took time out of watching a TV show to mess with this person. It started out relatively tame, with Gunn asking if "Fake Feige" had done that "thing" they talked about, but then it started devolving into pure ridiculousness: Here's a snippet:

Gunn: No doubt. People are going to be freaked out if that's the very first scene in Vol 3. I'm warming up to it.
Fake Feige: Exactly I texted Chris waiting for a reply.
G: He loves the character Groot so he might be upset.
FF: Yeah he might be very upset.
G: But you might be right - beheading him in the opening scene of Vol 3 would really take the MCU in a new direction.

"Fake Feige" tried to brush that off and get James Gunn to talk about Spider-Man: Homecoming, but James Gunn kept the trolling going by claiming that in the Web-Slinger's upcoming movie, Peter Parker will be revealed as Venom. You can head over to Gunn's Facebook page to read the full exchange, but some of the highlights include saying that the Predator will guest star in Black Panther, Popeye will appear in Thor: Ragnarok and Gilbert Gottfried is playing Thanos' nephew in Avengers: Infinity War. Despite "Fake Feige" trying to convince Gunn he was the real deal, the mastermind of the Guardians of the Galaxy series wasn't having it, and this back-and-forth ended with him saying that he was 60% this person was't actually Kevin Feige.

This is yet another example of James Gunn's comedic chops, especially when social media is in play. He may not share Marvel secrets when asked on one of these platforms, but at lease you can count on him to be entertaining. Of course, one would imagine that Kevin Feige would have told James Gunn in person or through a call/text if he created a new Instagram account, so it's not like it required a lot of brainpower to deduce that "some kid," as Gunn called them, was pretending to be the Marvel bigwig.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 has been in theaters for over a month now, earning many positive reviews and earning over $836 million worldwide. With the sequel in the can, Gunn has been focused on writing Guardians of the Galaxy 3, and he's also a producer on Avengers: Infinity War, which will team the Guardians with Earth's Mightiest Heroes when it's released on May 4, 2018.

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