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Amber Heard's Aquaman Hairdo Is Intense And Pretty Awesome

When it comes to the heroes that we will see in the DCEU after Justice League debuts in November, few have piqued our interest more than Aquaman. Jason Momoa's version of Arthur Curry already looks like a legitimate badass, and his densely populated supporting cast promises an amazing solo adventure when James Wan's Aquaman hits theaters next year. One of the most enticing supporting characters in Aquaman's corner of the DCEU is Mera (Amber Heard), and a photo has just hit the web showing her colorful new hairstyle. Take a look at the picture below for a closer look at the newly christened redhead.

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That is about as red as a redhead can get (she even gives Poison Ivy a run for her money), and the above photo provides us with a general sense of the character's aesthetic in the upcoming DC film. It is a notable departure for the typically blonde actress and an indication of the colorful style that James Wan wants to apply to Arthur Curry's solo story. The previously dark and dreary DCEU saw great success by working with a wider array of colors in Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman, so it would make plenty of sense for Wan to similarly strive for a more diverse and colorful palette in his own DC film.

One of the more interesting aspects of this particular photo is the fact that it shows how visually faithful Amber Heard's Mera will be to her comic book counterpart -- who similarly has a head full of fiery red hair. Check out the DC Comics version of Mera below to get a sense of the comparison.

Queen Mera DC Comics

This more faithful depiction of Mera feels so exciting because many other elements of the DC lore have been thoroughly altered as the DCEU has formed over the years. More specifically, casting a native Hawaiian as Arthur Curry stands out as a notable departure from the traditionally blonde superhero, and that contrast with the more comic book accurate Mera lends a really cool sense that DC is trying to find a nice balance between old and new in its live-action aesthetic. That's a trend that has existed in this universe as far back as Man of Steel, so it will be interesting to see how James Wan continues it as Aquaman comes together.

CinemaBlend will bring you more information related to James Wan's Aquaman as new details become available to us. Arthur Curry and Mera will make their DCEU introductions when Justice League debuts on November 17, and Aquaman is currently slated to debut in theaters next year on December 21, 2018. Here's everything that we currently know about 2018's aquatic DC adventure.

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