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It's been two years since the last James Bond movie, Spectre, released in theaters and in that time there's been a lot of talk about Daniel Craig's future with the series. There's been plenty of back and forth on the matter as Craig as said that he would and would not consider coming back for Bond 25. While plenty of candidates have risen up to replace Craig, they may no longer be necessary. Daniel Craig has reportedly reached a deal and an inside source claims that he will return at least one more time as James Bond.

According to the Mirror, an inside source told the publication that the "consensus in the Bond offices is that Mr. Craig is 007 again." Producer Barbara Broccoli is said to have secured Daniel Craig to return for at least one more film as James Bond. The plan is apparently to begin filming Bond 25 as early as next year, meaning it would be hitting theaters in 2019 at the earliest -- a four-year gap in between movies.

The source also claims that Barbara Broccoli is attempting to woo Adele to return to record Bond 25's theme. Adele previously recorded the opening to Skyfall, a song that went on to be a huge hit and won a Brit Award, a Grammy, a Golden Globe, and an Oscar. In the mind of the source, Adele and Daniel Craig are a "winning combination." Their last collaboration, Skyfall, was a massive hit grossing over $1.1 billion worldwide, so it makes sense that they'd want to bring Adele back. Not sure how her recent vocal cord drama would affect this though.

It's important to remember that this is far from an official confirmation, but it obviously has some credibility. Daniel Craig has cemented himself as the James Bond of a generation, leading the franchise through its most successful iteration ever. They would want to keep him for as long as possible, so the news that they've finally convinced him isn't that shocking. Though Craig has said in the past that he'd rather slit his own wrist than do another James Bond, he's also said that he'd come back for more money and that he'd "miss" the role. So, the idea that he could be coming back isn't crazy.

While we still wait for official news of Daniel Craig's return, there have been plenty of replacements that have come up in these two years. Idris Elba, Tom Hardy, James Norton, and Aidan Turner are a few of the names that have come up in the past. I suspiciously think they are holding back on a Bond announcement until after Craig's new film Logan Lucky has released in order to spare him from an onslaught of Bond questions during press junkets -- which he'll probably get anyway but there would be no hot news to pounce on.

A Bond 25 announcement is out there waiting in the winds, so be sure to keep checking CinemaBlend and we'll let you know all the latest developments.

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