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The Logan Lucky Trailer Features The Daniel Craig Performance We Never Knew We Wanted

Steven Soderbergh knows how to do two things really well: make fun out of tales of thievery, and re-introduce us to stars that we've always loved. In his latest film, Logan Lucky, we're about to meet someone we never knew we were waiting to meet. Ladies and gentlemen, in the trailer below, you're going to see the performance that makes Daniel Craig a madcap comedic lead, and we're all the better for it.

Oh, and as if Daniel Craig's comedy debut wasn't fun enough, Logan Lucky sees Channing Tatum and Adam Driver playing the film's proper leads. A pair of brothers down on their luck in the South, they get an idea in their head. Something so stupid, and yet so brilliant, that it just might set them up for life: they're going to rob the Charlotte Motor Speedway during the Coca-Cola 600. But seeing as these two would-be criminals are going to need some help compromising the vault in question, they're going to seek some help. Which is, of course, where Daniel Craig's character of Joe Bang comes in.

Right from the get-go, Daniel Craig's approach to this role looks to be nothing short of comedy gold. From his exaggerated southern accent, to his closely shaved blond hair and jacked arms, he looks like the type of wise-talking hood Steven Soderbergh has made serious hay with over the course of his career. Logan Lucky certainly continues that tradition, but it also gives us a new way to look at the actor who has mostly been recognized as the modern face of James Bond. While his career is up in the air in the respect of his tenure as the legendary super spy, it's nice to know that there's a fresh career in comedy awaiting his eager chops.

But don't think the rest of the cast of Logan Lucky is just nobodies and slouches, as the film lives up to the positive fortunes the title indicates. A murderer's row of actors are lined up to fill in various slots in the film's line-up. In addition to Channing Tatum, Adam Driver and Daniel Craig, the movie also stars Katherine Waterston, Katie Holmes, Sebastian Stan, and Hilary Swank. Not to mention, Seth MacFarlane and Riley Keogh both serve as fantastic cherries on top of this sundae of madness that's ready to be served at the tail end of this summer's box office season. We'll see just how well things turn out for our band of ribald robbers when Logan Lucky breaks into theaters on August 18th.

Mike Reyes

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