There is nothing quite like the James Bond franchise in Hollywood. Over the course of six decades and 24 films, the suave super spy has wowed us with insane stunts, stylish cars, and a seemingly limitless supply of witty one-liners -- and we've loved every second of it. Every actor who has ever stepped into the role of 007 has added to the mythos of the character, and in that regard, current Bond Daniel Craig is no different. The actor has become a fundamental element of the franchise since he first donned the tux in 2006's Casino Royale, and it was even recently announced that he is now considering returning for the series' twenty-fifth installment.

On that note, as much as we love Daniel Craig as James Bond, now seems like the right time for him to walk away. As blasphemous as that may sound (and before you grab your torches and pitchforks), please hear me out. We have put together a list of reasons why Daniel Craig would be better off walking away from the 007 series and not returning for Bond 25. Check out our list, and let us know what you think in the comments section below!

His Character Arc Has Ended

Before Daniel Craig stepped in to don the iconic 007 tuxedo, the concept of a character arc was not really something that people associated with our martini drinking hero. Prior to Craig's tenure, Bond was static. He never really changed because he needed to remain timeless. However, over the course of Daniel Craig's four James Bond films, he offered fans a glimpse at a man slowly descending into darkness. Every film has sent him spiraling further down the rabbit hole, and Spectre ended with us meeting the James Bond that we came to know and love in the 20 Bond films that preceded Casino Royale. The arc of this Bond has ended; it's now time to hand the Walther PPK and license to kill down to a newcomer.

Spectre Proved The Franchise Needs A Fresh Start

There's no getting around it; when compared to the insane heights that the Craig-fronted Bond films reached in Casino Royale and Skyfall, Spectre was a bit of a dud. There are plenty of reasons why the film fell flat with audiences, but one of the biggest reasons was the fact that it simply seemed to fall back on the tired, Pierce Brosnan-esque Bond tropes that went out of fashion before Daniel Craig even entered the picture. The franchise needs to go in a new direction to remain fresh and relevant for modern audiences (not unlike how Casino Royale reinvigorated the series), and a factor in that process is the casting of a new actor in the series' lead role.

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