Ike Barinholtz Broke His Neck On The Set Of His New Movie

Ike Barinholtz in Suicide Squad

Being an actor isn't supposed to be a particularly dangerous job, and yet sometimes things can go wrong pretty badly. Such was the case for Ike Barinholtz, who now has a pretty serious injury to recover from thanks to an accident on set. Barinholtz is currently filming a movie called The Pact, which required him to do some shooting from a high platform. He fell, which was supposed to happen, but he apparently didn't land right, resulting in a fracture of two cervical vertebrae. The good news is that as long as he keeps his neck stabilized, the break should apparently heal.

According to People, Ike Barinholtz was filming a falling stunt for the comedy film The Pact and something went wrong as the actor literally broke his neck in the fall. On the plus side, Barinholtz appears to be otherwise ok. He's required to wear a neck brace until the injury heals, but that appears to be the worst of it. Certainly, a broken neck is not something to take lightly.

It's not clear how the injury will affect filming of The Pact. The movie is set for release next spring and co-stars Leslie Mann and John Cena. The plot follows three fathers who attempt to prevent their daughters from having sex on prom night.

In addition to potential issues with the movie, Ike Barinholtz also had his role on Hulu's The Mindy Project to consider. In that case, however, they've apparently found a way to write the neck brace into the show, so filming can go on as normal. He's even directed one of the new season's episodes while wearing the neck brace.

While Ike Barinholtz's injury actually occurred five weeks ago, this news of it comes on the heels of the death of professional stuntman John Bernecker, who recently died from injuries sustained from a fall on the set of The Walking Dead. While the events are obviously unrelated, the coincidence can't be ignored. Luckily for Barinholtz, he came out of his fall alive; needless to say, it could have been much worse as paralysis or death could certainly have been the result here, as well. While we certainly can't lay blame anywhere regarding these accidents, hopefully, those on set will start to take extra care when dealing with dangerous stunts. You can never be too careful.

We wish Ike Barinholtz a speedy recovery and hope that he's out of his neck brace before long. We also won't be shocked if he stopped doing his own stunts. after this. Clearly, they should have had John Cena take the fall, he's been doing it for a living in the WWE for 15 years.

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