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Despite the bad reputations that many horror remakes have earned over the years, some of them have actually been pretty entertaining. It is all about finding the right director to reimagine the story correctly. It's far from an easy process, but that is precisely what the upcoming IT film appears to have figured out, and director Andres Muschietti's work on the update of the Stephen King classic looks damn-near perfect -- not to mention utterly terrifying. A new trailer for the upcoming horror film has just dropped online; check it out below and prepare to be chilled.

While the other trailers and clips for the IT re-imagining have tried to keep Pennywise at a distance, this trailer gives us our first proper look at what to expect from the demonic clown. Having watched the trailer several times, I can confidently say that it does not disappoint. Something strange is going on in Derry, Maine during the events of this film, and it appears that only the children really have any idea as to what's going on. Capturing that classic Stephen King vibe, IT follows our young protagonists as they investigate the mysterious clown who has haunted all of them -- and seems to be responsible for the disappearance of young Georgie.

What's really striking about this IT trailer is the delicate balance it strikes between a haunting atmosphere and blood-curdling terror. As a whole, IT looks like more of a slow burn by comparison to other recent horror films that rely almost exclusively on jump scares, but it also features plenty of moments in which the Pennywise jumps out, and legitimately pays off the buildup. Moreover, this Pennywise looks endlessly creepy (not to mention considerably different from Tim Curry's iconic version), so all eyes are on actor Bill Skarsgård to steal the show with his new take on the horror classic.

With all of that said, those of you who have followed the development of Andres Muschietti's IT already know that this film is merely the beginning of the terror. As the first entry in a two-part story, IT will follow the protagonists during the younger years of their lives when they first encounter Pennywise. Following the conclusion of this story, Muschietti's next installment in the series will pick up years later, once the kids have fully grown. It is undoubtedly an intriguing prospect from a storytelling perspective, and it means this upcoming film only scratches the surface of the fear we will experience as this tale unfolds.

Andres Muschietti's IT remake is currently set to scare its way into theaters later this year on September 8. Beyond that, make sure to keep an eye on CinemaBlend's 2017 movie premiere guide for more information about all of this year's remaining theatrical releases, and remember, we all float down here.

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