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The Hardest Part About Crafting Avengers: Infinity War, According To Joe Russo

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The Russo Brothers have taken on a herculean task by directing the next two Avengers movies. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been steadily building with an eye to this major event. However, as Joe Russo explained to us exclusively during San Diego Comic-Con, getting everything in the MCU to work together in Infinity War has been the most difficult part. In fact, making all the disparate parts of the MCU fit in a way that works has been incredibly complicated. Luckily, Russo thinks that the writers responsible for putting the pieces together are the right men for the job. Russo told us...

Everything is setting up Infinity War. Every narrative that you have seen in any of the Marvel movies leading up to this point comes to bear in some way because all of the characters and all of the franchises are coming together, bringing their themes and their tone and the things that motivate the characters are driving them through this story. It has been the hardest part of the job for us, is melding all of that together, But thankfully, we got Markus and McFeely working with us. They are incredible collaborators. They wrote WInter Soldier for us, and Civil War. Now they're writing both Avengers movies. I feel like we've got a great Vulcan mind meld between the two of them, and me and my brother.

Joe Russo's mixing of genres aside, he seems to be pretty confident that the writing team of Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely can handle this massive responsibility. He's certainly got a good reason. The last two Captain America movies are generally considered to be among the best the MCU has thus produced. The latter film, Captain America: Civil War, also required the bringing together and balancing of multiple heroes, though Avengers: Infinity War is clearly taking that to the next level.

There are certainly a lot of plates that the Russo Brothers will need to keep spinning throughout Avengers: Infinity War. All of these characters have been, or will be, front and center in their own films in the years prior to Infinity War. They've been setup as complete characters with their own motivations and goals and the next Avengers film will need to deal with all of that. Each character will need to react to the story of Infinity War in a way that makes sense for them based on the experiences they've already had. Since these writers and these directors weren't responsible for setting a lot of that up, they're picking up where others have left off and trying to make it all work with the story they want to tell. It's certainly a complicated thing to do.

Check out Joe Russo's full comments in the video, below.

Fans are certainly excited to see what is going to happen when Avengers: Infinity War arrives on screens next year. Now if only those of us who couldn't get into Hall H at SDCC could get a look at what it's in store for us when that happens. Be sure to check out everything we know about Infinity War in order to be caught up on all developments.

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