The Big Reason Tom Holland Is Grateful For Captain America: Civil War

Spider man in Captain America: Civil War

Tom Holland is about to headline his own summer blockbuster in Spider-Man: Homecoming, but this is the second time audiences have seen him play Spider-Man, a fact which the actor is very grateful for. While most thought that Holland's Spider-Man stole the show during the airport battle in Captain America: Civil War, the actor saw his introduction as the perfect way to get started in the franchise, because it gave him a chance to work on the character before being saddled with his own movie. According to Holland...

You know, it was the perfect way to start this franchise. It was like the pre-exam. You know, if I got it wrong, I'd know how to fix it by the first one. So, I was lucky that I had the opportunity to just test the water a little bit and see what the fans wanted to see. And it just turns out that they wanted to see my version...

When Tom Holland was officially announced as the new Spider-Man, Marvel only ever confirmed him as part of his own solo movie at first. They kept his appearance in Captain America: Civil War under wraps for quite a while, though rumors and speculation implied the character would appear. Peter Parker and Spider-Man got to be a major part of last year's film but as Holland tells Newshub, if the audience hadn't reacted to the version of the character that they saw there, they could have made changes prior to Homecoming to make a Spider-Man movie more like what people were looking for. As it turned out, people wanted exactly the Spider-Man that Holland and Marvel had created.

Much of the reason for this may have been the fact that Marvel and Sony worked hard to make this version of the character something audiences hadn't seen before. With two different iterations over five different movies in the last few years, fans had been exposed to a lot of Spider-Man. However, they'd never been exposed to one that was really a teenager, and young enough that he was going to remain that way for some time. With that youth came a very different attitude and perspective, which changed up the character quite a bit.

If you liked Tom Holland's performance in Captain America: Civil War then you will almost certainly love his leading role in Spider-Man: Homecoming. In his review, our own Sean O'Connell said the new film "gets it right" and we're guessing that most fans of the wall-crawler will agree. Having the opportunity to test the new Spider-Man was a great movie, but as it turns out, it wasn't necessary, as everything about Tom Holland's version of the character is great.

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