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We've all seen the photos of Josh Brolin getting himself in shape to play Cable in the upcoming Deadpool 2. However, if you think he's the only one who has hit the gym, you would be mistaken. Don Saladino, the man responsible for getting Ryan Reynolds in superhero shape has posted a picture of the actor post-workout. It turns out that under the spandex is a pretty ripped dude. Check it out.

So...yeah, Ryan Reynolds has apparently been putting in the work. The image posted to Instagram shows us a split screen of Deadpool alongside Ryan Reynolds out of costume. With the Deadpool outfit covering Reynolds entire body, he could almost certainly cheat a little bit as the suit would hide the fact that he wasn't in perfect shape. However, it's clear that Reynolds is taking no shortcuts. He looks like he's been through hell, which the workouts probably are to get in that sort of shape.

Hang, is that blood? While it's hard to tell because half the image has been cut, there appears to be blood on Ryan Reynolds chest here. It's possible that this is an image from the set and the blood is fake but why would Reynolds be covered in blood when he wears a full body costume? Is there going to be another buck naked fight scene? Also, he's not covered in Freddy Kreuger makeup. It would appear Reynolds may have injured himself during his workout. Yeah, Reynolds may actually be even more hardcore than Josh Brolin. Your move Cable.

Over the last few weeks, we've seen several images of Josh Brolin undergoing his own workout in order to get in game shape to play Cable in Deadpool 2. He's certainly been putting in the hours at the gym as well. Cable is one of those comic book characters who is drawn as having arms approximately the size of tree trunks and as far as we can tell Brolin has decided to actually try and recreate that look in real life, no CGI required.

While Deadpool may be a unique comic book movie franchise, due to its focus on humor, this just goes to show that in many ways it's still very much like other comic book movies. You've got to look the part and while Deadpool 2 may be funny, getting prepped for it is very serious business. It seems unfortunate that we likely won't actually see most of Ryan Reynolds hard work due to the fact that he'll be wearing a red body suit most of the time. Even if he takes it off, he'll be covered in makeup designed to make him look deformed.

Deadpool 2 is currently filming with a release date set for June 1, 2018.

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