The Hilarious Way Kingsman: The Golden Circle Is Using The Solar Eclipse To Its Advantage

Next Monday, the United States will be treated to a solar eclipse of varying degrees depending on where you live. The last time this kind of eclipse occurred was in 1979, and it will be decades until this phenomenon happens again. Eager to use this event to its advantage, 20th Century Fox has released a funny new promo for the upcoming Kingsman: The Golden Circle that claims the movie's marketing team is triggering the solar eclipse simply to plug the sequel. Check it out!

Dubbed "The Greatest Movie Promo Ever," the newest Kingsman: The Golden Circle video ironically sheds light on the lengths the marketing team went for some extra advertising. Unhappy with the usual campaigns, the director of market research was suddenly struck by inspiration. Or as he put it, he had an "ecliphany." With a title like The Golden Circle, artificilly moving the moon in front of the sun's path to Earth is the best way to convince domestic audiences to see the sequel next month, and all it takes 100,000 tons of liquid nitrogen and nitrogen tetroxide, as well as 22,000,000 pounds of thrust. Did this put the movie's marketing way over budget? Yes. Could moving the moon lead to a catastrophe later on? Probably. Is it legal to move the moon? That's questionable. Is this a grandiose way to promote a movie? Definitely.

Needless to say a lot of folks will be checking out the solar eclipse in a few days, especially those who live in the narrow band where the eclipse will be "total." For those who haven't had any luck obtaining the special eclipse glasses, you're in luck! Because in addition to starting the eclipse and putting all of life on Earth in jeopardy for the sake of selling some extra tickets, 20th Century Fox has also released special eclipse glasses modeled after the spectacles Harry Hart is wearing in Kingsman: The Golden Circle. One wouldn't be silly for doubting their effectiveness since only one side is blacked out, but hey, at least they look cool!

Kingsman: The Golden Circle eclipse glasses

In all seriousness, this is an amusing way to promote Kingsman: The Golden Circle. That being said, should Kingsman 3 be greenlit, I can't help wondering if this moving the moon scheme could end up being part of the main super villain's master plan.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle arrives in theaters on September 22, and its main cast includes Taron Egerton, Colin Firth, Channing Tatum, Julianne Moore, Halle Berry, Jeff Bridges, Pedro Pascal and Mark Strong. You can also look through our theatrical premiere guide to find out what other movies are being released during the rest of 2017.

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