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David Ayer's Suicide Squad is a film with a complicated history. The film was famously rushed through development, had to undergo many mid-production changes, and ultimately received some vicious reviews from professional critics when it came out in the summer of 2016. Despite all of this, however, the movie wound up being a massive hit all around the world -- bringing in nearly $750 million worldwide -- so it's not really a huge surprise that Warner Bros. and DC Comics are currently developing a Suicide Squad 2.

But what is the status of the sequel? When will it come out? Who is involved in making it? It's all of those questions that we plan to address with this new edition of our What We Know So Far guides. So read on, and find absolutely everything we've learned about the development of Suicide Squad 2!

What Is The Suicide Squad 2 Release Date?

It's become customary for major movie franchises to announce full slates of projects that look as many as five years into the future -- but that route hasn't worked out so well for the DC Extended Universe so far. As a result, until recently, the only developing blockbuster with an actual release date was James Wan's Aquaman, which will be coming out on December 21 of 2018. This means that we don't actually know the specifics of when we will be seeing Warner Bros. release Suicide Squad 2 into theaters -- but we definitely can confirm for a fact that the sequel is in the works, as the company revealed in late summer of 2017 that the sequel will be released sometime in 2019.

While they didn't announce any specific dates for the majority of the company's projects, Warner Bros. made it very clear during San Diego Comic-Con 2017 exactly which films they are planning on moving forward with, and Suicide Squad 2 was one of the titles that was mentioned in that conversation. Previously, that meant that the film could realistically have come out any time between 2019 and 2025. Obviously, knowing that Suicide Squad 2 has 2019 squarely in its sights isn't exactly specific, but you can be sure that we will be keeping a sharp eye out for more details in this department.

What Is The Suicide Squad 2 Rating?

Both Deadpool and Logan have done a radical job completely changing the comic book movie game where ratings are concerned. While it was once believed that the blockbusters had to be PG-13 in order to bring in key teenager demographics, it has been shown multiple times that it's very possible to make a crazy amount of money while only appealing to adults. It's not an industry development that Warner Bros. has yet to take advantage of with their DC Extended Universe franchise just yet, and as a result there's every possibility that Suicide Squad 2 will have the same rating as its predecessor -- but it remains a question that doesn't actually have a firm answer.

Prior to the release of Suicide Squad in the summer of 2016, writer/director David Ayer told a reporter that the thought of an R-rated Suicide Squad 2 was an idea "worth lobbying for" -- so with the right minds at work, one could see the approach as still being on the table. That being said, Ayer is not actually making the sequel himself anymore, and whoever the studio brings in might wind up thinking that an R-rated approach is stupid. We won't know more on this front until the project moves further into development, which makes for a perfect segue into our next point of discussion...

Who Is The Suicide Squad 2 Director?

Until recently, the subject of who Suicide Squad 2's director would be was a fluid one, as the project existed without a mind to guide it for a while. Given the financial success that the first movie experienced, you'd expect that Warner Bros. would bring David Ayer back for the follow-up, but he's actually unavailable because of his work on another DC Comics property. In early September 2017, the studio finally filled the vacancy, with The Accountant's Gavin O'Connor being hired to direct and write the upcoming blockbuster.

After some suggestion that Mel Gibson could potentially be the man to make Suicide Squad 2, there were reports in July 2017 saying that the job belonged to The Shallows' Jaume Collet-Serra. Unfortunately, this was a short-lived engagement, as news stories surfaced just a couple weeks later saying that the filmmaker would no longer be working on the comic book project. In 2016, Warner Bros. had an unexpected hit with O'Connor's film with Ben Affleck, The Accountant, so it seems likely that this led to the eventual decision to hand this portion of the DCEU over to him.


Given the star power of Will Smith, talk about a possible Deadshot spin-off began almost immediately after Suicide Squad's release in the summer of 2016. However, when Warner Bros. and DC announced their upcoming slate at San Diego Comic-Con, that particular project wasn't revealed as part of their plans. As such, we are basically led to believe that the next time we see the sharpshooter antihero will be in Suicide Squad 2 -- which may ultimately be for the best.

When we last left Deadshot a.k.a. Floyd Lawton at the end of the first Suicide Squad, his life had definitely improved dramatically. While he once found himself regularly trapped in solitary confinement, his work fighting the Enchantress now allows him to have legitimate visitation with his daughter. Given this benefit, one could see him hoping to get even more perks in prison by doing another Suicide Squad mission, which makes him a genuinely perfect candidate for the sequel. The project is also probably going to need Will Smith's star power, as the most popular character from the first movie might not wind up coming back for Round Two.

Harley Quinn

The first Suicide Squad was as divisive as big blockbusters really get, but if most movie-goers and critics could agree on anything, it was appreciation for Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn. Sure, her involvement in the story didn't make a lot of sense (given that she was primarily being used for her connections with the Joker, and the Joker wasn't a part of the actual mission), but, still, it was easy to enjoy Robbie's take on the vivid personality, and it satisfied years of anticipating the character's big screen debut. As entertaining as the performance was, however, right now there doesn't seem to be an absolute guarantee that Harley will be coming back for Suicide Squad 2.

Part of the reason why writer/director David Ayer isn't coming back for the sequel is because he's been actively developing Gotham City Sirens -- and should that fully move forward, it may see the DC Extended Universe prefer to pair Harley Quinn with Poison Ivy and Catwoman instead of reuniting her with the Suicide Squad. This is a shift that could do a bit of damage to the "Worst Heroes Ever" brand, but it does make a good amount of sense, given that the character is actually freed from prison in the DCEU, and no longer needs to try and reduce her sentence. Nothing is set in stone yet, and it's very possible that Harley will ultimately be back for Suicide Squad 2, but right now it's a situation that's very much up in the air.

The Joker

There is no future more unclear in the DC Extended Universe than that of Jared Leto's The Joker. The Oscar-winner notoriously acted like a total (admittedly in-character) nutcase while filming the original Suicide Squad, and not only was his performance ultimately derided by critics, but Leto himself was also very outspoken about the final cut of the blockbuster. As a result, we really have no idea when we can next expect him to appear in the franchise, whether it be in Suicide Squad 2, or possibly never again.

Certainly one major factor in all of this will be whether or not the sequel winds up seeing the return of Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn, as we just discussed. If it's decided that she should be saved for Gotham City Sirens and left out of Suicide Squad 2, then the studio may also not bring back the Clown Prince of Crime either. So where will he show up next? We'll just have to wait and see.

Killer Croc

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje's Killer Croc was one of the main characters in the first Suicide Squad, but we didn't exactly get to know too much about him. We know he prefers living underwater, eats raw meat/flesh, has tough lizard-like skin, and enjoys watching BET, but that's really all the backstory that the DC Extended Universe provides for the anti-hero. As such, we hope that he will wind up getting more opportunities to shine in Suicide Squad 2 -- should he return.

From an effects standpoint it was very cool to see a strange comic book character like Killer Croc come to life in Suicide Squad, but it also wasn't hard to be disappointed by the lack of characterization he was provided. He has a very long history in DC Comics, primarily going up against Batman under the streets of Gotham City, and hopefully whoever takes up the reins on Suicide Squad 2 figures out a proper way to utilize him beyond "he can swim really well."

Captain Boomerang

While both Deadshot and Killer Croc walked away from their first Suicide Squad mission with a few perks, Jai Courtney's Captain Boomerang really got screwed. Thanks to his perpetual escape attempts, the Australian thief doesn't get a TV in his room or even an espresso machine -- but instead is rewarded with what looks like a permanent stay in solitary confinement where he is monitored constantly by an armed guard. Basically, Karma is a bitch.

Captain Boomerang has long been a mainstay in Suicide Squad comics, and considering he was one of the actual highlights of the first movie, one can assume that we will see him return in Suicide Squad 2. What we don't know is what kind of shape he will be in. When we first met him he was constantly cracking jokes and being generally offensive, but maybe time in his tiny, tiny cell will help adjust his attitude a bit.


Provided that she actually comes back, Katana would need some serious redemption in the storyline of Suicide Squad 2. While Karen Fukuhara certainly looked badass in the role, she was given nothing to do in the first movie other than swing her special sword and be the target of other character's exposition, and it's hard to even recall if she had any lines. The character's legacy from DC Comics deserves much more than that, and we'll see if the sequel actually delivers.

In the DC Extended Universe, Katana isn't a rehabilitating prisoner, but instead is an associate of Rick Flag's who was apparently asked to be a part of the first Suicide Squad mission. Given the flimsiness of that set-up, properly fitting her into Suicide Squad 2 might actually be a tricky endeavor for a screenwriter, but it's not an impossible job. That being said, she could ultimately be left out of the sequel entirely.

Rick Flag

Last time around, Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman) was supposed to be the true leader of the Suicide Squad -- the moral soldier who could control the supervillains -- but that didn't exactly work out as planned. Instead, the guy pretty much screwed up his entire job by getting super emotional about Dr. June Moone (Cara Delevingne), and letting the Enchantress go wild. As far as overall job performance goes, the guy basically got a "D-" ... which is why we're not entirely sure if he'll be coming back as part of the Suicide Squad 2 ensemble.

Being a team that is technically representative of the government, the Suicide Squad makes a bit more sense as a unit when it's led by someone who isn't criminally insane, but that job doesn't have to belong to Rick Flag -- and in the world of the DC Extended Universe it would probably make sense if it doesn't going forward. Even if the character doesn't come back with a key role to play, however, we can at least hope that Suicide Squad 2 gives us an idea of what happened to him. Joel Kinnaman seems confident that the project will find a role for him to play, so we'll have to wait and see how it all shakes out.

Amanda Waller

Amanda Waller is one of the toughest tough cookies in all of DC Comics lore, and that definitely came across in Viola Davis' first Suicide Squad performance. The woman not only has an extremely clear idea of what she wants in this life, but is also willing to go to some pretty extreme personal lengths in order to get the job done. Most importantly, though, she rules the titular team with an iron thumb, and it's why we definitely expect her to be back in action in Suicide Squad 2.

Admittedly things didn't exactly go as planned the first time that Amanda Waller worked to assemble a team of supervillains, but if there's anyone out there who can convince her higher ups of giving her another shot, it's Waller. One can assume she will once again be put in the position of not only assembling the eponymous unit in Suicide Squad 2, but will also be the one to assign them whatever mission they need to accomplish.

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