It's no secret that DC has great villains. From Lex Luthor to Darkseid, the world of DC lore is packed to the brim with some truly phenomenal and memorable characters. Two of the most iconic of the bunch are Joker and Harley Quinn, but despite immense fan enthusiasm for them to steal the show in last year's Suicide Squad, the DCEU somewhat missed the mark in the handling of their dynamic.

Now, with a Joker and Harley Quinn movie on the way (as well as Suicide Squad 2), we have put together a list of ways the DCEU has thus far faltered in its depiction of the dynamic between these two insane Gotham City villains. Suicide Squad wasn't a hit with critics, but paying attention to these points could go a long way towards correcting the course. On that note, let's kick this off with a discussion about Harley Quinn's sanity.

Harley Is Not Crazier Than The Joker

Early on in Suicide Squad, Amanda Waller makes an offhand comment about Harley Quinn being "crazier" than The Joker, and "more fearless." While that's certainly a badass sentiment to describe a character who will go on to become one of the film's greatest anti-heroes, the fact of the matter is that it's simply not true in any depiction of the Joker and Harley dynamic. Make no mistakes, Harley Quinn is certainly unhinged (we can thank The Joker for that), but between the two of them, she is the one who keeps a hand firmly gripped on the monkey bars of sanity.

This is important because classifying Harley as the crazier of the duo cheapens both characters. For Joker, the reason is obvious: it makes him seem less dangerous to the audience. For Harley, it's even worse; making her somehow crazier and more fearless than The Joker takes away a layer of sympathy because it removes the sense that the real Harleen Quinzel is still inside of her trying to get out. This should be made clear in upcoming movies.

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