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Shazam Starts Production And The Product Placement Already Is Out Of Control

Movie sets seem like magical locations. They are the spots where our cinematic dreams become a reality. And yet, the "reality" of a movie set can be that they are simple places of business, usually under construction and not nearly as sexy or creative as one might believe. It is with that warning that we bring you David F. Sandberg's humorous share from the Day One set of his wildly anticipated Shazam movie, which apparently will be sponsored by Coca-Cola.

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Shazam is set to be the next DCEU movie going into production for Warner Bros., a studio that LOVES to tease potential superhero adventures. After Justice League and Aquaman, Shazam is the next picture to grace the studio's slate, and they recently hired David F. Sandberg -- who has a hit for the studio with Annabelle: Creation -- to helm the big-screen adaptation of this powerful hero. And yet, on Day One of the production, we're looking at... a filing cabinet. And a soft drink can. We know that DC movies sometimes get a knock for product placement, Remember when Superman stood right in front of a 7-11 sign in Man of Steel? But this is going too far!

Superman and his 7-11 sign

I'm kidding. And so is David F. Sandberg. If you follow him on social media, you know that he has a good sense of humor. And if you DON'T follow him, rectify that. This initial post suggests that Sandberg might become the latest director to use social media to his advantage by giving fans direct insight into their process. Look at how often Ron Howard shares unique looks from the set of the Han Solo movie (even though some argue that he's sharing too much).

Even if the Coca-Cola can was blatant product placement, it wouldn't come close to touching this shameless display from back in the Tim Burton days. Maybe all of the DC heroes enjoy Coke products?

Shazam is due to reach theaters on April 5, 2019, so prepare for it by brushing up on all of the DCEU movies on the calendar. The next big shoe to drop with regards to this movie will be the casting of young Billy Batson, as well as the grown counterpart that he changes into by uttering the word "Shazam!" I still want to see John Cena in that latter role. How about you?

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