Wow, what a week right? This past week, comic-book movie fans went through a gauntlet of DC news, each day providing rumors and updates more surprising than the last. Warner Bros. and DC Films have a number of projects in the works, from Justice League, to Flashpoint, to Wonder Woman 2, but this week revealed that the studio had far more hiding up its sleeve. Not only are multiple films about the Joker in the works, but the studio is also working on a new banner for films not connected to its DCEU. Frankly, there were a fair amount of bombshells, each one causing their own ripple effect throughout the DCEU.

The majority of these developments have thus far come from leaks and rumors, with Warner Bros. making no official announcement about most of the following movies. However, we need to work with the information we have, and it's clear that something is brewing over on the Warner Bros. lot regarding movies about DC Comics superheroes. Big things seem to be in store for DC's superhero movies, and these are the biggest announcements from just this week alone.

Warner Is Making DC Films Not Connected To The DCEU

Probably the biggest news to drop this week was the reveal that Warner Bros. was interested in getting creative with its DC properties. Reportedly, the studio is working on a new banner of films that will stand alone from the DCEU and feature unique storylines with different actors playing the iconic characters. So, this means that Warner Bros. could cast a new actor to play Superman and put him in, say, a Red Son movie and not affect Henry Cavill's DCEU Superman at all. It's a bold decision that embraces the DC Multiverse and could result in a lot of creative movies from varied filmmakers, though, the specific details are still unknown.

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