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The boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor was one of the biggest professional battles in years. It was so big that it apparently inspired start a brawl in a movie theater after the fight. Movie theaters got in on the action of the fight by allowing fans to watch it on their big screens. Apparently, something got started in a UK theater that resulted in several people getting physical while the event wrapped up on the screen behind them. Check out the video below.

The video starts after the fight has already begun (the one in the theater, not the one on the screen) so we miss whatever it was that instigated the event. More than likely it was caused by an overzealous fan who was either really excited by the TKO victory by Mayweather, or a very angry Conor McGregor fan who decided to take out his frustrations on somebody else. I guess it was probably one of each. Of course, by the time the video starts, there are several people involved in the fight. This could be a couple large groups who got into it or just a bunch of individuals who ended up on opposite sides, but it's a fairly serious brawl.

The highlight has to be the guy that, for some inexplicable reason, is without a shirt. Where did his shirt go? Did somebody rip it off him earlier in the fight? Did he strip it off in a show of aggression? If the former, this guy clearly has a reason to be upset. If the latter, we have to wonder if that wasn't what started the fight in the first place.

Mr. No Shirt ends up standing across from a guy in a hoodie and the two appear ready to throw down in their own Mayweather/McGregor style battle, they're both bouncing on their feet like they're waiting for a bell, before the rest of the fight roles in their direction and ends up ruining the moment.

The battle between Mayweather and McGregor was taken as a proxy for the larger battle between boxing and MMA, so it's not surprising that some may have taken the fight a little seriously. People often pick their favorites before any major sporting event and while a group of friends might just give you a hard time if the guy you picked lost, maybe it's a bit more embarrassing in front of strangers and you have to fight your way out.

The fact that the fight was stopped by the referee (the one on the screen, not the one in the theater), rather than ending in a knockout or judges' decision, probably didn't help matters. McGregor himself was obviously frustrated by the stoppage, so those that wanted to see him win certainly would have been as well.

Of course, as a fan of movie theaters. I'm mostly just hoping they didn't do too much damage to the room. Of course, a theater that looks like it was attacked by a mob might be the perfect place to watch It next weekend.

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