Chris Pine Looks Scruffy As Robert The Bruce In Netflix’s New Outlaw King Movie

The debate over the "best Chris in Hollywood" has reached a fever pitch in recent months, but between his work on projects like Wonder Woman and Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later, Chris Pine has made a strong case for himself in 2017. That said, it doesn't look like he has any intention of slowing down his output of eclectic work. In fact, we have received our first official image of the actor as Robert the Bruce from Netflix's upcoming film Outlaw King, and it looks Pine will dig deep for one of his most intense (and downright scruffy) performances yet. Take a look for yourself.

Robert the Bruce Chris Pine outlaw king

Principal photography has officially commenced on Chris Pine's upcoming Netflix film, Outlaw King, and based on that first official image from the set it looks like the actor has enveloped himself in the role as a sword-wielding badass. A historical drama, the film centers on Chris Pine's Robert the Bruce (King of Scots) who wages a guerrilla war for Scottish independence against the English after being declared an outlaw (Outlaw King, remember?) by the King of England. In addition to Pine, the film also stars Aaron-Taylor Johnson, Callan Mulvey, Steven Cree, and Florence Pugh.

Chris Pine's rugged and scruffy new look isn't the only thing worth getting excited about in the realm of Outlaw King. Aside from the fact that the film is gearing up to give him an opportunity to break away from characters that he typically plays -- a trend that he has really embraced over the last couple of years -- the film has also enlisted some stellar talent behind the camera as well. Specifically, Outlaw King will reunite Pine with Hell or High Water director David Mackenzie, whose work on 2016's neo-western propelled it to be a Best Picture nominee. We only have this one shot of Chris Pine to work with at the moment, but all of the essential ingredients appear to be falling into place. If the Star Trek lead can deliver the same level of intensity that we have seen from him in recent outings, then Outlaw King could become a major film to watch out for in the near future.

Aside from Chris Pine's glorious-looking beard in this first official photo, Outlaw King stands out from many other films that we have talked about recently because of its status as a Netflix production. Streaming services are increasingly attracting big-name Hollywood talent, and while serialized TV content like Stranger Things and Daredevil have been major battlegrounds, Outlaw King could represent an enormous step forward for original features on streaming services alongside recent releases like Death Note and What Happened To Monday.

CinemaBlend will bring you more information related to Outlaw King as new details related to the project become available to us. Outlaw King will debut on Netflix in 2018; as for the films still slated to debut in theaters in 2017, take a look at our movie premiere guide to keep yourself up to date on everything Hollywood has coming down the pipe!

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