Andres Muschietti's IT continued to bank huge box office numbers, posting a staggering $60 million in its second weekend to push its cume over $218M domestically. The movie is crushing, meaning that IT Chapter 2 isn't a mystery... it's a given. A matter of when, not if. We have been having a lot of fun discussing celebrity casting of the Losers' Club, who will be adult characters in the sequel. But the most chatter has swirled around Beverly, who is portrayed by Sophia Lillis in IT, and has many speculating who could fill her shoes in the anticipated sequel.

Sophia Lillis has her own Fantasy Casting for Older Bev, knowing that the young actress still will be in scenes in IT Chapter 2 (as the producers have said they will use flashbacks in the movie to fill in more backstory from the novel). We'll touch on Lillis' choice for Adult Beverly in our rundown. But if we could Dream Cast this role for Andres Muschietti's IT Chapter 2, these are the five actresses we'd have on speed dial.

Amy Adams

There's a joke scene in IT where Bev, as a means of distracting a creepy pharmacist so the Losers can steal medical supplies, borrows eyeglasses and pretends to be sexy. In the moment, she is compared to Lois Lane... making us think, temporarily, of the current on-screen Lois Lane, Amy Adams. That's not what sold us, though. It's the eyes. Look at Sophia Lillis when the Losers are swimming in the quarry, and she's glancing at Bill (Jaeden Lieberher). Her saucer eyes are identical to Adams -- and you know that the Oscar five-time Oscar nominee would bring the right amount of pedigree and pathos to this important role.

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