Who Uncharted May Hire To Play Sully Alongside Tom Holland


Sony's Uncharted movie continues to move forward in Hollywood's further attempts to figure out how to turn video games into movies. Now, it seems that the film has its eye on a major Hollywood star to take a major role in the new movie. The word is that Sony has their eye on Bryan Cranston for a role in the film, and while the rumor that Cranston is being considered doesn't come attached to a particular part, the most obvious choice would see Cranston take on the role of Nathan Drake's partner and mentor Victor "Sully" Sullivan.

This should be taken as a rumor for the time being as none of the sources involved in this rumor can be confirmed. The original source is allegedly inside Sony and this person says simply that Bryan Cranston is being looked at for a potential role in the Uncharted film that will star Tom Holland as a young Nathan Drake. That Hashtag Show received this information and has surmised that the role is that of Sully, though they admit the role could be something else as well, such as the movie's villain, whoever that turns out to be.

To be fair, it's not a big jump to go from Bryan Cranston to Victor Sullivan. If you were dream casting the role of Sully you'd have to put Academy Award nominee, and star of Breaking Bad, Cranston on the list. However, at 61-years-old, it would seem that Cranston would be a better Sully for an older Nathan Drake. The plan with Tom Holland in the role of Drake is to treat the film as a sort of origin story for the main character, which would also make Sully a younger character.

Bryan Cranston Trumbo

In the video game series, a flashback sequence in the third game shows the meeting of Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan, in the scene, Drake is 15 and Sullivan is 40. Tom Holland convincingly played a teenager in Spider-Man: Homecoming, so he may not be playing his role much older than that, but seeing Bryan Cranston play a 40-year-old might be a bit tougher sell.

Still, age aside, Bryan Cranston might be the perfect actor to play the role, and so the rest can be dealt with. The Uncharted video games are fairly lighthearted adventures and we know Cranston has a stellar sense of humor. You can almost hear those great Sully lines with Cranston's voice.

We'll have to wait and see if there's anything to this rumor. Having Bryan Cranston join the Uncharted movie in any capacity will be a big get for the film. Keep watching CinemaBlend for any future news on the Uncharted movie.

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